Best Weed Growing Supplies

Best Weed Growing Supplies

Best Weed Growing Supplies

New to growing cannabis? Here’s a list of the ten best cannabis growing supplies to help you get started and maximize your yields.

No matter whether you’re growing cannabis indoors or outdoors, we have a guide that will provide you with all the information you need to ensure your plants receive the right amount of water and nutrients for a healthy harvest.

best weed growing supplies

#1 Clones or Seeds

Seeds are essential for growing healthy cannabis plants. Under optimal conditions, high-quality seeds will deliver resin-coated flower. A low-quality seed will yield poor results.

Although you have the option to skip the germination stage and buy a clone from a licensed retailer, there are also some other considerations to keep in mind.

It is best to source seeds from licensed retailers or a reputable seed bank with years of experience and positive customer reviews. 

It is also essential to consider the strain you prefer. Different types of seeds may be available from seed banks depending on your requirements, such as CBD, medical-grade seeds, fast-growing seeds, short-growing, and other unique varieties.

grow lights

#2 Best Weed Growing Supplies: Grow Lights

Whether you are using clones or seeds, you will need to get some grow lights if you are growing indoors. 

Grow lights replicate natural daylight and are the best way to ensure your plant is getting what it needs in terms of lighting. 

If you are a first-time grower or on a budget, it may be tempting to buy low-cost fluorescent lighting. These lights will yield weak results, and your plants will not be happy. Unhappy plants = fewer buds come harvest time (if they even make it that far).

Energy-saving LED lights are the way to go. While they may be more expensive up front, they are worth the investment because they will save you money. 

Lastly, you can also get high-powered HID lights. However, these lights use a lot of energy and may require more ventilation due to the high light temperatures. 

It is ultimately up to you. However, cutting corners will inevitably cost you more in the long run.

growing medium

#3 Growing Medium

The type of growing medium you use is essential for the health of your plants. The growing medium that you use is the roots support system, where they acquire nutrients and how they absorb water.

There are many types of grow mediums, including hydroponics and soil. Pre-made potting soil is available if you prefer to use soil. 

You can also make your soil medium using organic ingredients and compost. You’ll need substrates made from coco coir, clay, Rockwool vermiculite, and perlite. Include the highest quality organic ingredients in your grow media to ensure success if you are going the soil route.

Hydroponic media and soil have very different nutritional requirements.

Best Weed Growing Medium

#4 Best Weed Growing Supplies: Nutrients and Supplements

As with all plants, cannabis plants require a particular nutrient combination for different growth stages. It will depend on whether your cannabis plants are grown hydroponically or in the soil.

Using organic inputs is highly recommended. You do not want toxic chemicals or heavy metals in your final product.

Additionally, many organic mediums have nutrients built into the soil mixture, so you won’t have to supplement them as much. 

Organic nutrients and grow mediums require less supplementing during the vegetative and flowering phase. All in all, using organic inputs ensures the best quality. It will save you money on nutrients and other inputs in the long run.

Hydroponic systems provide nutrients through water. To create a nutrient solution, you will need to buy and add the nutrients to your water supply. Choose chelated minerals when purchasing nutrients for hydroponic gardening to increase absorption rates.

Mixing the nutrients properly is critical here to make a homogenized solution for your plants.

Keep in mind that if you give your plants too many nutrients at the wrong time, it can burn and severely damage them. On the other hand, not giving enough nutrients can cause other problems. 

container gardening with weed

#5 Container Gardening

If you go the indoor route, you’ll need grow pots to hold your growing medium and seedlings or clones.

Smart Pots are a great option for beginners because they significantly reduce the risk of root rot from overwatering. 

They are on the pricier side. However, it is well worth it. Don’t risk losing your whole crop by cutting corners and getting a pot that may damage your plants.

Something else to consider is how much space you have to allocate to your plants. Cannabis plants, depending on the strain, grow tall and wide, so you will need a good amount of space. Additionally, the more plants you have, the more space you need.

You don’t want plants growing on top of each other or even touching each other; this will lead to mold and fungus issues. 

You will want to go for at least a 5-gallon grow pot or bucket for the most part. 

On the other hand, if you are using a hydroponic system, you will want to use a bucket instead of a traditional soil pot. 

Usually, the substrate is suspended over a container full of a nutrient-rich solution. If you choose to go the hydroponic route, you can get a hydroponic kit that usually comes with everything you will need.


#6 Best Weed Growing Supplies: Ventilation

Proper ventilation is essential for indoor cannabis plant health. To stimulate photosynthesis, it is vital to keep your air continuously circulating.

This is when plants transform light, water, and carbon dioxide into energy to grow and produce flowers.

Your plants need stable conditions. Furthermore, without proper ventilation, your plants will be susceptible to mold, fungi, other pests, and high fluctuations in temperature. These fluctuations can throw your plants off and result in unhealthy plants. 

It is essential to know the dimensions of your growing area and grow tents when you are looking for ventilation equipment.

You want to ensure you are getting an appropriate fan for your garden size. The fan must produce enough ventilation to cover the entire space where your plants are. 

For example, a small clip-on fan can work for smaller gardens. However, a medium-sized or big floor fan will provide greater air circulation for larger gardens.

Furthermore, you will need to replace the air in your indoor garden after you have good airflow going. 

Your plants need fresh and cool oxygen to be healthy and produce high yields. An air exhaust system, for example, pumps out more air than it allows in. This creates some negative pressure, which brings in fresh and cool oxygen. 

This system has an exhaust fan, a filter, and a duct that pushes air out of the garden space. Additionally, look for systems that have cubic feet per minute (CFM) to determine if it can handle your garden space.

best weed growing supplies

#7 Temperature Control: Thermometer

Using a thermometer will help you regulate the temperature in your grow tent. 

Each strain has a specific optimal temperature, so knowing the temperature is vital. 

Furthermore, thermometers don’t cost much, and they will help you out a lot. You will need a thermometer to measure water temperature with hydroponic systems. A hygrometer will measure the humidity level in your garden if needed.

best weed growing supplies

#8 PPM and pH Testing Tools

It is crucial to monitor the pH and PPM levels of your cannabis plants. pH, for example, refers to the acidity and alkalinity of your growing medium. Unbalanced pH levels can result in nutrient deficiency, damage to your soil structure, an increase in the chances of getting contaminated, and more. 

Moreover, pH levels are very important to keep an eye on. It can be dangerous to overlook as it can seriously damage or even kill your plants when out of balance. 

For hydroponics, optimal pH levels are between 5.5 to 6.5. Soil grows should have a pH between 6.5 and 6.8.

Now that you understand the importance of pH, you can see why it is important to invest in a pH meter. However, keep in mind that you will need a different meter for soil and a hydroponic system. For hydroponic purposes, you need a meter that works well in water.

Furthermore, you will also need an EC/PPM meter when growing hydroponically. Soil growers don’t really have to worry about these meters. However, hydroponic growers need these to assess the nutrient strength of their solution.

The nutrient levels fluctuate with hydroponic nutrient solutions. This is why it is vital to ensure you have a sound meter to tell you if your nutrient levels lack or need more nutrients.

best weed growing supplies

#9 Best Weed Growing Supplies: Carbon Filter

If you are worried about the scent of your plants, you should invest in a carbon filter. They can remove almost all of the smell. A carbon filter is a good investment if you are trying to grow discreetly.

Additionally, when purchasing a carbon filter, be sure to get one that has a CFM rating that equals or exceeds your garden’s volume.

grow tent

#10 Grow Tent 

Many growers have done just fine without a grow tent. However, a grow tent creates the most optimal conditions and will make your life much easier. 

Additionally, growing in a bare room, garage, or closet can potentially meet your basic needs. However, a grow tent offers many benefits, such as keeping pests out, reflecting light onto the plants, creating climate control, and isolating aroma. 

Best Weed Growing Supplies: Online Cannabis Cultivation Training

So, now that you know which equipment is best and what you will need to get your indoor garden going, put it to the test!

With our online course, you can learn how to set up your equipment and grow cannabis from the comfort of your own home. Learn Sativa gives you the knowledge to truly learn how to care for your cannabis plants and maximize your yields. Sign up today to become an expert cannabis grower!

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