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Blue Cheese is an indica cross that originates when a male blueberry with an original U.K. Cheese (a Skunk # 1 phenotype) is crossed. The sweet and salty aromas of berries and blue cheese give a creamy and unique taste reminiscent of the original cheese. The strong Indica effects help you to feel relaxed at the end of the day and can relieve muscle spasms, pain, and stress.

The Blue Cheese marijuana strain is a hybrid of dominant indica marijuana. The breeders of this plant are still unknown. The pot is a great humor selector, which allows you to keep social with an increase in energy. As the name suggests, the buds have a strong smell of blue cheese and berries. The strain is moderately strong with THC up to 17%. Beginners should pay attention to the dose to avoid excessive giggling and paranoia. Blue cheese marijuana is great in the morning and during the day and offers many medicinal benefits.

Blue Cheese Effects

The blue cheese is indica dominant which means that it follows the balanced high curve of the Indicas but. Along with its extraordinary taste, it offers an awesome high that creeps ups on you slowly and keeps you thrilled without putting you to sleep or getting you overly excited. It means you can accomplish your planned tasks to completion without many hindrances. However, it is advisable to be cautious as always especially for beginners as you don’t want to try out a new strain and find out it doesn’t work for you in the worst way possible.

The beauty of blue cheese that makes it so attractive to its users is the ability to deliver a rapid but well balanced potent effects for the body and mind.  Whether you are unwinding after a long work week or you are on the verge of completing a must do a project that requires laser focus and staying on schedule, blue cheese got your back always.

The mood uplifting effects of the blue cheese weed strain make it awesome for when you have friends over or when you have a social gathering to attend. It is very unlikely to be polarizing with the only notable downside being also one of its strongest points, the rich aroma that just can’t fly under the radar. The dense clouds that result linger for way longer than with most other strains whether you are smoking or vaping the stuff.

The blue cheese indica is a strain of weed like no other, it will deliver a memorable taste that might as well be your next favorite thing. It has average THC percentages and achieves a genuine high within a short time without way too many setbacks. It is rumored that the breeder big Buddha is behind perfecting the strain with ancestry whose reputation precedes it.

Relaxed (100%) 100%
Happy (70%) 70%
Euphoric (65%) 65%
Sleepy (45%) 45%
Uplifted (55%) 40%

The History of Blue Cheese

The original Blue Cheese was based on the genetics of two established and famous cannabis strains: Blueberry, a fruity beauty of the 70s and Cheese, a special Skunk phenotype with a very different scent.

The father of Original Blue Cheese was the famous Blueberry, a strain that was born in the late ’70s. Blueberry originated as DJ Short, a breeder from the West Coast of the United States, mixed the genetics of “Juicy Fruit”, a Thai Sativa, a Purple Thai from Oregon, Ohio, which was a cross between a Highland Oaxaca Gold and Thai Chocolate, and an Afghan male. The mother of Blue Cheese is the most famous cannabis strain that originated in the United Kingdom, the Cheese, a special Skunk phenotype with a unique smell.

During the 1980s and early 1990s, DJ Short continued to perfect this strain. Later, DJ Short supplied Dutch Passion with seeds and in 2000 Blue Cheese won the 1st prize at the “High Times Cup” and in 2001 the 3rd prize at the “High Times Cup.” The name of this strain perfectly describes what you can expect from this plant – you will see the color of the plant change to bluish and violet shades, as it gets colder and the aroma and taste of the buds are sweet, fruity and berry-like, with a noticeable, musky undertone that is typical of the original cheese. Blue Cheese’s high is gentle and light with great euphoric and even psychedelic touches. You will definitely feel happy before you come down easily and comfortably. To date, there are several versions of Blue Cheese available, but all are something like a variation of the original.


More information about the blue cheese marijuana variety

Blue Cheese was created by crossing a number of Blueberry males purchased by various breeders with Big Buddha Cheese, the backbone of many Big Buddha breeding projects. The resulting seeds were grown and a male was selected from among 40 different male competitors of Blueberry x Cheese, becoming the proud father of this acrid strain. The chosen Blueberry Cheese male once again is crossed with a female Big Buddha Cheese, making this hybrid the main cheese plant with a hint of blueberry.

The taste of Blue Cheese has a soft fruity cranberry kiss that this fruit lover will appreciate, anchored in a strong underlying flavor that is unequivocally the cheese–a little funky and moist with a woody edge. The combined flavor is musky and spicy with a sweet note of sweet cotton and a touch of berries on the exhale. While the yield is not as abundant as some commercial strain selected for their bloated shoots, breeders looking for spicy flavors will find the yield generous compared to other strain in this category.

The greatest pleasure of Blue Cheese is it’s high, which is smooth and easy and remains very functional at the same time that creates a feeling of great euphoria and openness to perspective. This high opens the mind by relaxing the body. It’s a soothing, well-balanced atmosphere that can make a nice long walk or sit by the fire at home.

The dominance of blue cheese lands on the Indica side, although there are also sativa vibes. Imagine Buddhist monks meditating with deep concentration, that’s what Blue Cheese feels like. It is no unusual experience with Blue Cheese to gain spiritual connections on a metaphysical level. Of course, some may experience Blue Cheese as a more relaxing strain, which can be consumed with the beloved half, while Netflix and chill.

Blueberry and cheese scents seduce the consumer with cool sensations. Pungent flavors from the Skunk line are also present. The THC-levels hover over the 19% mark, which entails that this cultivar is a potent one. One should not hesitate to prepare something to eat from blue cheese, whether cake or brownies, this strain will bring culinary enrichment.

Indoor growers receive about 450-500 gsm blue cheese nuggets while outdoor ganja gardeners receive about 500-550 gsm/plant. Yields are quite impressive for an Indica-dominant strain, though it’s definitely not the most productive one. A disadvantage of blue cheese is the high leaf-to-bud ratio, the trimming takes a little longer. The short flowering period of 7-8 weeks is ideal for eager breeders. Outdoor growers should cultivate this strain in September.

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Appearance, Taste, and Aroma of Blue Cheese Marijuana Strain

The most striking thing of a garden thriving about lush green blue cheese is the splendor of the plant itself, with lush green leaves intertwined with purple shaded leaves and a mix of pure white and orange hair. The lay of the plant at or near maturity is such that it grows out wide to grab some air and sun but you can always tuck it neatly into a screen if you are growing in confined space. The flowers are psychedelic and stunningly appealing especially for growing enthusiasts and those looking to grow for a show.

The blue cheese gets her name from the incredibly fruity taste with hints of blueberry. The taste varies slightly depending on the growing conditions and also the particular seeds you might use. Regardless, if it is grown right, a single bud is more than a bowlful and certainly, the scent tells you that you want this from the moment you open that jar.

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Flowering Time: Growing Tips

Growing the blue cheese marijuana strain

Blue Cheese Weed is an easy-to-grow weed strain that gives you more pleasure and less pain. Not only is it a breathtaking sight to fill your garden with the weed, but it’s also a great strain to grow without putting too much effort into it. The herb is self-healing and naturally repellent of most common pest and diseases meaning you can enjoy a bountiful harvest with minimal care hours.

There are several choices for growing your blue cheese you can do so with real soil or hydroponics and that is certainly going to change something about the quality and taste of your buds. The ease of growing and the rewarding bountiful harvests of the blue cheese is what makes the strain on of the most sought after by hobbyist growers everywhere. It does well indoor and equally on the outside.

If you grow it right the blue cheese weed could yield up to 18 0z per square meter of an indoor garden and a staggering 190z per plant outdoors. The blue cheese strain has a high leaf to bud ratio and therefore for all purposes of growing indoors and outdoors, you need to regularly remove top leaves to allow light to seep in and revitalize the entire plant

The flowering is auto and takes place about the eighth week or so. The amount of purple on the plant leaves depends on the climatic conditions more being for cooler climates. The screen of green technique will help make your indoor space more conducive for growth with your lamplight or solar insolation falling on more leaves per unit area. Additionally, you can adapt well researched growing technique including low-stress training like shaping the branches like an L will boost growth factors and enable you to come away with a bountiful harvest.


Flowering Time


  • Indoors


Blue Cheese produces an average yield indoors, estimating at about 18 ounces per square meter. This strain takes an estimated 8 to 9 weeks to flower and is ready for harvest.


  • Outdoors


When cultivated outdoors, this strain, which prefers a bit less heat and a light breeze, is usually cultivated towards the end of September. With each harvest, one can expect a yield of about 19 ounces per plant.

Medical Use and Benefits

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Health Benefit of Blue cheese marijuana strain

Blue Cheese is a strain that has been recommended for the treatment of anxiety disorders and has proven to be very successful in combating the symptoms of PTSD and bipolar disorder. ADHD and ADD can also be treated with this invigorating and healing strain.

Stress and depression are also often treated with the regular use of strains such as blue cheese. In some patients, especially those with severe chronic pain problems, Blue Cheese may help reduce the stress associated with the pain and numb the pain itself.

Because Blue Cheese has a strong Sativa presence to supplement the indica in the strain, it’s the perfect way to relax and unwind without putting the body to sleep. As a bonus, this strain will leave a sort of afterglow on you that will keep the happy vibes lingering in your system. It has also been highly touted for being effective in the treatment of persistent and chronic pains. This strain is a powerful healer of muscle spasms and chronic back pains, allowing the patient a more blissful way of treating their ailments.


Breakdown of the benefits of Blue Cheese Marijuana Strain

The THC content in blue cheese is often over 20%. This quality makes this strain excellent medicinal cannabis.

  • People with PTSD, ADHD and Bipolar Disorder can enjoy the cumbersome effects of this strain
  • The relaxing effects are also perfect for marijuana users who want to recover after a long day
  • This strain is also great for treating anxiety, depression or pain
  • This bud also tends to increase appetite, which seems preferable to those who hope to recover from nausea or someone who struggles to gain weight.

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This question allows us to provide you with an accurate blueprint for taking your business, cannabis knowledge, and investment portfolio to the next level as quickly (and realistically) as possible.

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