Blue Dream Strain Analysis

Blue Dream Strain

Since the legalization of cannabis, there has been one strain that has been the most popular. 

That strain is: Blue Dream.

It has been a dominant strain within the West Coast markets for years, taking the lead by a wide margin. 

But, how has this sweet-scented hybrid become so widespread? 

Here’s the lowdown on America’s most beloved herb.

Blue dream strain analysis

The History Of Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a strain that originally hails from California, which is famous as the capital of cannabis growing. 

The Santa Cruz area saw the introduction of this plant back in 2003. Since then, it has rapidly spread throughout the United States as well as Canada. 

Blue Dream is a hybrid strain. It is a combination of DJ Short’s Blueberry strain and Super Silver Haze

DJ Short’s Blueberry is known for being an indica variant and carrying Central Asian heritage. 

Super Silver Haze is a popular sativa hybrid. Often recognized for its narrow leaf structure, and also having South East Asian lineage. 

Contrary to popular belief, the terms “sativa” and “indica” do not accurately describe a particular plant’s effects. 

Instead, an herb’s sativa/indica status offers more information on a particular cultivar’s growing patterns and lineage. 

More important is cannabinoid content as well as terpene content.

You can find out more about this next time you purchase cannabis from a trusted vendor that provides third party lab testing. 

What makes this strain stand out further is that Blue Dream can produce substantial yields of up to 22 ounces of bud per each plant. Additionally, Blue Dream is pretty easy to grow.

Blue dream

Blue Dream Strain Analysis: Effects

Blue Dream is a fairly popular strain. 

It is one of the most sought after strains at dispensaries for patients with anxiety or sleep deprivation. 

Not only is Blue Dream impressive with its ability to produce high yields, it also provides a pleasant yet powerful, psychoactive experience for all users. 

Blue Dream, as most cannabis media outlets describe, is a well-balanced hybrid with both soothing and uplifting effects. 

However the experience this plant gives is not separate from its chemical constituents…

This highly potent THC flower produces strong psychoactive effects. It’s phytonutrients and terpene profile creates quite the beautiful symphony.

It produces an optimistic mood overall and can even increase your senses…

You may notice a difference in the brightness of colors, scents, and sounds becoming more attention-grabbing. 

In addition, many people who consume Blue Dream report experiencing a decrease in pain and muscle relaxation. 

On the other hand, Blue Dream may have some adverse side effects due to its high THC levels. 

THC consumption can be relaxing, stress-relieving, and soothing in small doses. 

However, using such a strong and THC heavy strain like blue dream in higher doses could lead to negative effects such as nausea or migraines. 

Some consumers also report cases of paranoia or rapid heartbeat. So tread carefully when using such THC heavy strains.

blue dream

Blue Dream Strain Analysis: Medicinal Benefits

Blue Dream has more to offer than its high THC levels. It also has an abundance of medicinal benefits.

This strain is prolific in phytonutrients and aromatic molecules know as terpenes.

Terpenes are present in many plant resins and give the scent to your favorite citrus fruit or pine forest.

Furthermore, these compounds contribute to its overall medicinal value. 

Here are the three most popular terpenes found in this strain:

1. Myrcene

Myrcene is a sedative terpene that is found in lemongrass and mangoes. 

Blue Dream and other cannabis cultivars, contain a lot of myrcene. Early research suggests that myrcene may play a role in the hypnotic effects some cannabis strains have. 

Consequently, Blue Dream has more sedative effects because of its high myrcene content, which may explain its calm and sometimes drowsy nature. 

Myrcene also has muscle relaxant qualities, making it a good choice for people suffering from muscle stiffness or cramping.

2. Pinene

Pinene, one of the most prevalent terpenes within the plant kingdom, is found most abundantly in pine trees. 

Hence the name, pinene. 

This terpene has a strong pine-like scent, reminiscent of walking through a beautiful pine forest. 

Further, Blue Dream has high levels of alpha-pinene, which is thought to act as both a bronchodilator and anti-inflammatory.

Additionally, this terpene may have energizing characteristics as well. These mood-boosting properties of pinene were cited in an early research review, and published in the British Journal of Pharmacology in 2011. 

Moreover, it prevents the breakdown of the neurotransmitter, Acetylcholine, which is essential for cognition and memory. 

So while Blue Dream has heavy sedative and hypnotic features, it is partially negated by the high amounts of pinene. 

Simply put, the strain’s chemical properties suggest that it may produce slightly more sedative effects than other cannabis strains, with possibly greater mental clarity.

3. Caryophyllene

Blue Dream contains the third most prevalent terpene, beta-caryophyllene (BCP). 

Also found in black pepper, this terpene has been proven to reduce inflammation, produce a positive boost in mood, and alleviate anxiety in animal models. 

Actually, this terpene is very similar to THC in how it works within the endocannabinoid system. 

The neurotransmitter pathway that allows you to enjoy the psychoactive and medicinal effects from cannabis is called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). 

Furthermore, it is possible that BCP may also have antidepressant and anxiety-reducing properties in humans. 

Additionally, this could explain Blue Dream’s calming and mood-boosting properties.

In combination with the anti-inflammatory effects of pinene and THC, the presence of BCP amplifies the inflammation-fighting properties of Blue Dream.

blue dream strain analysis

Blue Dream Strain Analysis: Strains That Are Similar To Or Derive From Blue Dream

Looking for Blue Dream but unable to find it? Here are some strains with similar effects.

Due to its many popular characteristics, there have been quite a few cannabis strains that have been bred using Blue Dream as a parent strain. 

Additionally, it is important to remember that every cannabis plant has its own unique characteristics, just like people. 

To obtain a precise copy of a particular strain, a clone is required. These are some of the more popular descendants of Blue Dream:

The Dream Queen 

This strain is a hybrid that was created by crossing Blue Dream With Space Queen. 

After only a few puffs, the effects of Dream queen will leave you feeling relaxed and dreamy. 

This strain is rather pungent as the aroma is reminiscent of lemon, citrus, and mint.

Furthermore, this strain will make you want to stick your nose in the jar again and again to enjoy its unique aroma.

Double Dream 

This strain is also a hybrid that is sativa dominant and combines Blue Dream with Dream Star. 

Double Dream offers a complex flavor that blends sweet flower notes of fruit and spice.

Furthermore, it is both soothing and mentally stimulating, but still allows for a clear-head and overall functionality. 

Its dreamy, euphoric effects are anchored by deep, physical relaxation, which reduces anxiety, stress, inflammation, and pain. 

Additionally, patients use this uplifting cannabis strain to find relief from PTSD or headaches.

Grape Dream

This indica dominant variety is the result of crossing two of the most famous strains: Granddaddy Purp and Blue Dream. 

This tasty bud shouldn’t be confused for its sister strain, “Purple Dream,” which is another descendant of Blue Dream. 

Grape Dream has a surreal and dreamy effect. 

It can lift your mood and launch you into a state of a blissful haze that can be slightly sedative. 

Furthermore, Grape Dream’s flavor is very fruity with notes of berry, Earth, and spice. 

Green Dream 

This strain is a sativa dominant hybrid cross between Blue Dream and Green Crack. 

It’s given the name Green Dream because of its taste, which is very similar to green tea. 

Green Dream has a fruity and sour taste to it. 

The buds have light orange hairs and are mostly covered in crystals. 

This strain is known to have a childlike effect on patients. 

Further, Green Dream’s insanely high THC levels of 24 percent instills an extreme out-of-body feeling in patients. 

This strain helps with stress and also treating depression.

Orange Dream

This sativa dominant strain is also a hybrid. It crosses Orange Crush with Blue Dream.

You will find a distinctive flavor profile in this strain that is reminiscent of orange creamsicles. 

It features inviting aromas of citrus and vanilla. 

You will feel a mellow euphoria as the aroma settles, and it often causes creativity levels to run free. This is a great strain for those who engage in the arts.

Orange dream is great for depression and anxiety as it causes its users to feel euphoric. 

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Images used credited to: urbanremo, Fast Buds, The Shiva Report, and GENESIS420.

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