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California's Cannabis and Hemp Laws


Yes (since 1996). The minimum age is 18.

Legal Personal Possession Weight

  • Dry cannabis flower: 8-ounces
  • Concentrate: Not specified

Source Marijuana Program.aspx much does it cost to apply for a card?


Yes (since 2018). The minimum age is 21.

Legal Personal Possession Weight

  • Dry cannabis flower: up to 1-ounce
  • Concentrate: up to 8-grams (edibles are included in this section)


Grow Your Own


Plant Count

6 mature cannabis plants or 12 immature cannabis plants.


Is Caregiving Allowed

Yes (up to 5 patients)

Plant Count

Regulations of each county may limit this number to 6 mature cannabis plants per patient. Therefore, a caregiver may grow a total of 30 mature cannabis plants.


Determined by the needs of the patients in question. However, each medical marijuana patient may possess up to 8-ounces of dried cannabis flower. Therefore, the primary caregiver may potentially possess up to 40-ounces of dried cannabis flower.


License Cost

The cost of obtaining a Medical Marijuana Identification Card (MMIC) is less than $100 (depending on county). If you are Medi-Cal eligible, then you’re eligible for a medical marijuana card at the cost of $50.

If you’d like to become a primary caregiver, you must consult with your patients’ county program. However, a caregiver may have to pay between $50-100 per patient.

Source much does it cost to apply for a card?

Which Organization Manages Licenses?

County Department of Public Health. This means that you must visit your county’s Department of Public Health to find out how to apply for an MMIC (medical marijuana identification card).


Vertical or Horizontal Cannabis License for Business

Which Organization Manages Licenses?

Total Cannabis License Cost (Link to Application)

The total cost for a cannabis license is dependent on the type of business that you seek to begin. However, cannabis licenses range from $1000 to $240,000.

Apply here for a cannabis cultivation license:

Apply to manufacture cannabis products here:

Apply here for a commercial cannabis license:

Dispensary License Cost

Apply here for a dispensary license:

Click here to view annual dispensary license fees:

Cultivation License Cost

Click here to apply for a cultivation license:

Click here to view the annual cost for a cultivation license: Final Regulation Text_01162019_Clean.pdf

Transportation License Cost

Click here to apply for a transportation license:

Click here to view annual transportation license cost:

Disposal License Cost

Click here for a disposal license:

CBD or Hemp License/Program


Which Organization Manage Licenses? (Depart of Agriculture, Health, Revenue, ETC)

California Department of Agriculture

Cultivation License

Click here to apply for a hemp cultivation license:

Retail License

Currently, there is not a retail license available. California does not have any requirements for selling non-food industrial or non-industrial hemp products.

Food License

Currently, there isn’t a food license for hemp products. AB-228 specifies that a business can produce industrial hemp products that are fit for human consumption, along with other guidelines.

Understand that this may change once California drafts a new regulatory framework that regulates all hemp-derived products.


Where Can You Legally Consume Cannabis in California?

You may legally consume cannabis in your private residence, as well as licensed establishments that allow patrons to consume cannabis onsite.

Driving Under the Influence

You are not legally allowed to drive under the influence in California under any circumstances.

Can You Transport Marijuana in California?

Yes, however, you must obtain a transportation license if you are transporting commercial quantities. If personal, then you’re legally allowed to carry up to 1-ounce of dried cannabis flower recreationally or up to 8-ounces as an MMIC holder.

Can You Export Marijuana from California?

It depends. If exporting to another connected legal state, such as Oregon, it is legal.

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