Cannabis Flowering Stage

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Cannabis Flowering Stage (Week 3-4)

How to Grow Cannabis During Flowering Stage (Video Version)


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How to Grow Cannabis During Flowering Stage (Written Version)

What You Need During Cannabis Flowering Stage

  1. Grow Tent (preferably 4′ x 4′ x 8′)
  2. (1x) 4″ Grow Fan
  3. (1x) 4″ Charcoal Filter
  4. (1x) Circulating Fan
  5. LED Grow Light with Veg/Flower Switch (Check Enviromental Conditions for Flowering Below, specifically PPFD & Spectrum) 
  6. Humidity/Temperature Sensor
  7. 3 Gallon Potting Containers
  8. Watering Pot (Unless you decide to go with a drip fed irrigation system)
  9. Soil (Fox Farm Ocean Forrest)
  10. Happy Frog Fruit & Flower Organic Fertilizer (Use Instructions on Bag)

Instructions for Flowering Stage of Weed Growing

  1. Watch for the sex of your cannabis plant and ensure you have a female. Typically you will begin to see the sex of the plant within 11 days of switching your light schedule to 12 on / 12 off.

  2. Provide each plant with one square foot of grow space (minimum)

  3. Continue to monitor Enviromental Conditions as they have changed for Flowering Stage as follows below. (Warning: mold will occur if temperature and air flow are not carefully controlled).

Enviromental Conditions for Flowering Stage

WARNING: Stagnant water or air will cause mold and mildew problems for your plants. Use airstones in your watering containers and circulating fans in your tent to ensure proper airflow.

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Grow Tip: How to Transplant Marijuana (Week 4-5)

  • Vegetation (Week 4-8)
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Grow Tip: How to Setup Grow Tent & How to Setup Grow Lighting (Week 4)

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