Chocolope Strain

Chocolope Kush

Chocolope Kush, better known as Chocolope, is an iconic strain. Developed at a time when other top-shelf strains were still pretty mild, Chocolope’s euphoric high and sweeter taste really set it apart. You can thank its lineage for that: Chocolope was created through a masterful cross of Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze, which gives it the perfect Sativa.

According to genetic DNA, Chocolope, formerly known as D-line, is a Sativa-dominant hybrid created by crossing a female of Thai Chocolate with a male of Cannalope Haze. The breeder has crossed this hybrid with the Chocolate Thai parent to achieve a particularly chocolaty flavor and a particularly chocolate flavor, as well as a shorter flowering time of 56-63 days. Chocolope has won multiple awards, including 2nd place at the 2007 High Times Cannabis Cup and 2nd place at the Sativa High Times Cannabis Cup 2010.

The strain is extremely easy to grow for beginners. It is tall and has broad, dark green leaves. It provides high yields of large, dense buds. Breeders are advised to reserve sufficient space for the remarkable size of Chocolope.

Effects of Chocolope Marijuana Strain

One of the reasons why Chocolope is so popular among its fans is because of its energizing effects. This means that when you smoke this strain in the morning, it can get you into gear for the things that need to get done. The motivating factor in this sativa is very powerful so you can do all your tasks in a snap.

Chocolope is known for being uplifting and conjuring up feelings of being elated and joyous, making it the perfect happy smoke. You will get through your day feeling highly functional and focused and enjoy a full-on cerebral head-high at the same time.

Happy (100%) 100%
Uplifted (90%) 90%
Relaxed (50%) 50%
Euphoric (80%) 80%
Energetic (75%) 75%

History and origin of Chocolope marijuana strain

Summary of Chocolope Kush

The Chocolope Kush strain is not just the perfect sativa, it is also genetically all Sativa. It has preserved the best qualities of chocolate detail in the landrace style that stood before it, and also added some new, dull ones.

Chocolope Sativa was developed by DNA Genetics in the Netherlands and is probably the cannabis breeding capital of the world. It was a huge success when it came out in the 1980s and it has remained so today. It has been awarded the High Times Strain of the Year Award (2001), the Cannabis Cup, the Hydro High Life Cup and much more.

Even though it’s an older strain, cannabis connoisseurs still love Chocolope’s controlled high and rich chocolate subtleties. Chocolope Kush is sold at a premium in many medical and recreational dispensaries, where it is easy to identify thanks to stable genetics and its resinous and dark color. It looks like the popularity of this unique strain isn’t going away anytime soon. The steady Chocolope price has remained relatively high for several years- people aren’t getting tired of Chocolope anytime soon!

If you try Chocolope, you will first notice the fruitiness. Usually based on citrus or, as its name suggests, cantaloupe base, this fruitiness is quickly overpowered by aromatic coffee and chocolate themes.

While the Chocolope marijuana strain is indeed great for chocolate lovers, you don’t need to be one to enjoy the complexity of the strain. In other words, if you start to exchange a cup of coffee for chocolope hits at 10:00 am, do not be too surprised!

Within a few seconds of inhalation, the high get cerebral. It’s intense, a throwback to the days of Thai Sticks and hash smoking. In the 1980s, when this strain first came out, a high this pronounced was almost unheard of.

Euphoria and a motivated, bubbly mood take over next – strong, but very manageable. This is the best part of the high for many Chocolope users, who say it’s a great daytime strain that helps them thrive in social situations. Apparently, Chocolope is also the perfect way to make more mundane activities like chores and other obligations seem a lot more interesting. Of course, don’t drive while under the influence!

There are few reported side effects of the Chocolope marijuana strain; the main two are dry mouth and headaches. Fortunately, both are quite rare, probably because Chocolope’s THC content is rarely over 20%. It is quite easy to find the right dose of the strain without overdoing it and suffering from the potential side effects.

More information about Chocolope marijuana

Chocolope, an earthy, fruity and uplifting sativa, is a delicious medical marijuana (medical cannabis) strain from DNA Genetics with highly cerebral effects. The effect of Chocolope is similar to that of most sativas, but the mood-enhancing and anti-stress effects are prevalent in this strain. Chocolope is also known for stimulating the appetite.  The combination of stimulating energy together with the elevation of mood and stress relief properties make this strain a perfect combination for any patient struggling with depression or other mood disorders. Chocolope is a cross done by DNA Genetics of Chocolate Thai and Cannalope. DNA crossed the OG Chocolate Thai female with a cantaloupe male to make the original strain and has developed it ever since. Chocolope is said to bring back the note of chocolate that was more common among good weeds in the 1980s. Chocolope grows huge and wide and is best grown indoors. Many breeders joke that “Chocolope will take over your garden”. The enormous size is due to Sativa genetics. Sativas typically grow much larger than indica plants and can grow up to 20 feet tall, an amazing height.

Despite its name, Chocolope rarely smells or tastes like chocolate. Most batches have a citrusy, fruity aroma that’s sweet to taste. Depending on the batch you acquire, you may get coffee, cocoa and melon undertones on the exhale.

With Thai and Haze genetics, this cannabis strain has clear sativa characteristics that’ll uplift the consumer and foster focus. Chocolope is energizing enough to serve as your morning cup of coffee and can motivate you to get things done without being too overpowering.

Medical marijuana patients enjoy this strain because it allows for medication without sedation. Chocolope’s ability to promote focus can help those with ADD or ADHD. Its uplifting qualities and ability to cultivate a sense of well-being also make it a good choice for patients with depression, stress, anxiety, and fatigue. However, because Chocolope has sativa characteristics, it should be used with caution by consumers prone to paranoia and anxiety.

Users who are new to Sativa heavy marijuana strains are urged to try this cannabis in forms that will give an overall mellow high experience.

Recommended consumption:

  • Edibles
  • Live resin
  • Concentrates
  • Candies
  • Chocolates
  • Extracts

Smoking this strain will hit instantly and the overall high can be intense for users. Using this strain in the form of edibles allows consumers the benefit of a nice, well-rounded high that slowly hits and slowly fades.

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Appearance, Taste, and Aroma of Chocolope Marijuana Strain


The buds are frosty and vibrant, with dark green leaves dancing with vivid orange pistils. The flowers don a slightly cylindrical shape, with the loose, fluffy texture you’d expect from such Sativa-heavy genetics (most phenotypes measure more than 95% Sativa heritage.) If you take a long whiff of the cured, sticky buds, you may be somewhat surprised by the muted aroma of dank, sweet earth. But don’t be fooled the taste and smell of the smoke is a different experience altogether.

Taste and Smell

Three overall flavors first associated with Chocolope include:

  • Earthy
  • Coffee
  • Sweet

The Chocolope strain is one of the most sought after strains across Europe, Canada, and the United States due to its mouth-watering flavor profile. Picture a fresh pot of coffee brewing in the morning and that is exactly what buds of Chocolope smell like. Notes of dark chocolate are left on consumers tongues along with vanilla and this is arguably the sweetest tasting strain out there. Chocolope has a soft and airy smoke that makes it pleasant for medical and recreational purposes. Smoke is light and does not linger for hours. People who don’t typically enjoy the taste of smoke are often tempted to give it a try after getting a whiff of the charming flavors emitted. Because of its natural flavor profile; this strain is often used in edibles like chocolate, brownies or candies.

The Effects of Chocolope Marijuana Strain

For the creative, this could be the perfect smoke. Chocolope will cheer you up, like even your morning coffee can not, and has the ability to keep you happy and inspired for the rest of the day. If you have the tendency to procrastinate, then you should give this strain a go, because it is everything except slow.

This sativa can be quite strong, so it isn’t recommended for first-time smokers. If Chocolope is smoked by amateurs, it can lead to uncomfortable easy fears. Very rarely it can also come to a slightly paranoid feeling, which is due to the fact that it is almost 100% Sativa. Some may experience temporary dizziness due to this strain, although this does not usually last long. In most cases, Chocolope can cause dry mouth, often with the feeling of having dry eyes as well. Therefore, proper hydration is the key to avoid this.

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Flowering Time: Growing Tips

Growing Tips for Chocolope Marijuana Strain

The good news is that Chocolope is easy to grow. Whether grown indoors or outdoors, yields tend to be in the area of 18-36 ounces per plant. The bad news? There is none, except that you’ll have to wait 8-9 weeks, until it’s flowering time, to begin harvesting your delicious Chocolope plant. If that feels like a long time, though, remember that its Thai predecessors used to take nearly twice that long to reach maturity.

This strain is a heavy feeder. Many experienced growers prefer to feed it a balanced blend of nutrients, going a little light on the nitrogen prior to flower. One in the flowering phase, though, Chocolope does great on a high ppm (parts per million) feeding schedule that includes high amounts of micronutrients.

Chocolope will have become a large expanding plant with resinous tails that have a THC content of 12 to 19% after maturity. You can also expect a delicious smell that becomes progressively more “chocolate” over time. This delicious smell often gets super pronounced during curing. Chocolope does well and supports itself even with just a little extra staking. It also responds to more intensive techniques like SCROG (screen of green) – Just make sure the cola has room to breathe and develop! Although Chocolope may take a while to adapt to a new configuration of SCROG, it will adapt quickly and grow in it. 

Chocolope develops best in a warm, slightly humid climate. Heavy rainfall during flowering can lead to mold in the dense colas. So be careful when growing outdoors. When in doubt, just harvest a little early. If growing indoors, you might consider lowering humidity as the plant arrives at full maturity.

Overview of the flowering time


  • Indoors
    In an optimized indoor climate, this sativa baby needs an average of 9-10 weeks to flower and prepare for a full harvest. Chocolope can spend pretty well and it can be expected to produce an average of 21 ounces per square meter.


  • Outdoor
    Chocolope can produce most buds when growing outdoors in the perfect environment. This almost 100% sativa is ready for harvest from mid to late October, with an expected average yield of approximately 35 ounces per plant.

Medical Use and Benefits

9 Pound Hammer Health Benefits - Learn Sativa University

Health benefits of Chocolope Marijuana Strain

Chocolope has been widely recommended and prescribed by physicians for illnesses related to feelings of stress, most commonly for a fast and toxic lifestyle. Depression has been successfully treated with this strain because of its uplifting properties, and anxiety can also be alleviated by occasional smoking of this strain.

Because Chocolope is so stimulating, it is an ideal strain for those suffering from lethargy and fatigue and having difficulty keeping enough focus to complete tasks. This strain can encourage you to get up and get things done and will focus on your daily habits.

Patients suffering from extreme pain can also benefit from this strain. Muscle cramps, joint pain, migraines, and headaches were successfully treated with this sativa, as was loss of appetite, most commonly in cancer patients who were exposed to extensive chemical treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy.


Overview of the benefits of Chocolope Marijuana Strain

Unique flavors and aromas aside, Chocolope has a number of medicinal benefits to offer medical marijuana patients.

  • The acute sense of focus offered by this strain can make it an excellent tool for managing ADD/ADHD
  • Marijuana consumers can expect to feel a sense of euphoria and emotional uplift with this strain, making it useful for combating stress, depression, and anxiety
  • Such is this strain’s potency that it can even be used for more severe conditions such as PTSD.

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