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Cannabis Vegetative Stage (Week 4-8)

How to Grow Cannabis During Vegetative Stage ( Video Version )

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How to Grow Cannabis During Vegetative Stage (Written Version)

How to Grow Cannabis During Vegetative Stage (Written Version)

What You Need During Vegetative Stage

  1. Grow Tent (preferably 4′ x 4′ x 8′)
  2. (1x) 4″ Grow Fan
  3. (1x) 4″ Charcoal Filter
  4. (1x) Circulating Fan
  5.  4″ Venting
  6. LED Grow Light with Veg/Flower Switch (Check Enviromental Conditions for Veg Below, specifically PPFD & Spectrum) 
  7. Humidity/Temperature Sensor
  8. 3 Gallon Potting Containers
  9. Watering Pot (Unless you decide to go with a drip fed irrigation system)
  10. Soil (Fox Farm Ocean Forrest)

Instructions for Vegetative Stage of Weed Growing

  1. Transfer plants into larger pots (See transplanting video)

  2. Provide each plant with one square foot of grow space (minimum)

  3. Proceed to montior Enviromental Conditions for Vegetative Stage as follows below.

Enviromental Conditions for Vegetative Stage

  • PPFD: 400-600 (Click here to watch grow light video)

  • Color Spectrum: 6500 K (Cool Blue) 

  • Humidity level: 55%

  • Temperature: 68-77°F

  • Lighting: 18 on, 6 off

  • Water (keep soil moist, not soaked) 

WARNING: Stagnant water or air will cause mold and mildew problems for your plants. Use airstones in your watering containers and circulating fans in your tent to ensure proper airflow.

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Standard Luxmeter $40 Range

Luxmeter – $32.99

  • Measures luminosity from 0 to 200,000 Lux and ambient temperature
  • High accuracy of ±3% rdg ± 8 dgts (10,000 Lux)
  • 4 digital color LCD screen, MIN/Max readings, data hold, auto power off, and low battery indication
  • Wide range of application, use lux light meter for set design, factory, office or home use
  • lightweight and compact, 2 years long period warranty

Apogee MQ PAR Meter $600 Range

Apogee MQ 500 – $599.99

  • Quantum Par Meter for LED photosynthetic light measurement for plant growing
  • Damp rated IP68 construction
  • Includes Apogee AM-310 Telescopic Wand (Retail Value $59.95)
  • Authorized Distributor for Apogee Instruments
  • Made in the USA in Logan Utah

Spectrometer $2000 Range

Sekonic Spectromaster C-800 – $1,599.99

  • Sekonic c-800 is a full-spectrum color meter that can precisely measure every kind of light including LED HMI fluorescent and electronic flash.
  • A large color touch screen displays color spectrum for single sources or multiple sources for comparison plus Kelvin CRI illuminance and mired and cc Index values.
  • The c-800-u’s direct display of values for major light source and lens filter brands simplifies correcting and modifying light color for cleaner recording and faster post process.

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Grow Tip: How to Transplant Marijuana (Week 4-5)

  • Vegetation (Week 4-8)
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Grow Tip: How to Setup Grow Tent & How to Setup Grow Lighting (Week 4)

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