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Harlequin Effects

The effects of Harlequin are much simpler than most cannabis strains, providing light and a clear effect that produces small waves of energy and concentration, as well as fostering a creative and productive work ethic. Its psychoactive effects are not as powerful as most marijuana strains, mainly because of its high CBD content which is actually higher than its THC. For this reason, although Harlequin is a sativa, the CBD seems to balance any anxious or paranoid energy that is typically felt with sativas. In addition, it can help the body relax and unwind, but will not make you fall asleep or drowsy. This makes it particularly popular with patients who need to be free from medical situations but who do not want to be dysfunctional throughout the day.

Relaxed (100%) 100%
Focused (90%) 90%
Uplifted (90%) 90%
Happy (85%) 85%
Energetic (55%) 55%

The History of Harlequin Marijuana Strain

The Harlequin is one of the rarest strains on the planet and is a perfect blend of the Colombian varieties of gold, Thai, Nepali and Swiss indica. The Harlequin strain is 75% sativa and its THC content is very low at 5 to 10%. It was tested at 7% CBD and 7% THC. However, what makes Harlequin special is the fact that some lab tests have shown that it can reach up to 11% CBD. Many reports that the Harlequin has a rich and delicious flavor. Users describe it as particularly fruity and sweet, which resembles a mixture of ginger gum and berries. It produces a sweet and extremely soothing fragrant mist. When it comes to the effects, smokers report that they feel more relaxed using Harlequin, and It is strongly administered to those who suffer from anxiety. In addition, some people have reported that they not only feel more creative but also focus more on their work. The only side effects seen are from patients who claim they have cotton mouth when using this strain. Experts recommend using this strain mainly in the afternoon, and unlike other marijuana strains, Harlequin will not get the patient high. However, it relieves the pain of those suffering from chronic pain and arthritis. According to many people’s experiences, Harlequin is a unique stress and pain relief for those who do not like to get high. Although the effects are subtle, the results are great, so it is truly one of a kind.


Origin of the Harlequin marijuana strain.

Harlequin is famous for its high CBD, sweet taste, massive and colorful buds, and unprecedented medicinal effectiveness. Like many great discoveries, Harlequin’s origins were actually a bit of an accident. A small private reproduction program in Switzerland that works on a strain for the production of hash created a hybrid- 75% Sativa, 25% indica by crossing Colombian Gold, a Thai sativa from near Laos, a Swiss Sativa breed and a Nepalese Indica from the Mustang region. One phenotype of this cross was known as alchemy, another was given to the breeder’s friend, who brought it to California in late 2009 to help treat his glaucoma. At the first harvest, some flowers were sent to Harborside for testing and were surprisingly high in the CBD. Clones were provided to Harborside and genetics was requested to be extended to growers and dispensaries. At full-time, Harlequin produces pale violet, red, green and even yellow flowers, reminiscent of the costumes of the court jesters, after which it was named. The smile that Harlequin puts on your face may have something to do with this too.


General description of Harlequin marijuana strains Genetics

Taking a look at Harlequin genetics. It a hybrid cannabis strain which is Sativa dominant. Harlequin contains about 75% sativa. It was bred from 4 different marijuana strains. Three of them were sativa and the other indica. The four strains listed below:

  • Colombian Gold male
  • Thai
  • Swiss landrace
  • Nepal indica

This is a carefully bred Sativa. It was grown for medical purposes and recreational effects. Harlequin marijuana will in no way slow the user down or present with couchlock. Rather, the effects are clearly sativa-like, presenting with stimulation but without the feeling of excessive exposure to stimulating or relaxing effects. Its ability to curb psychomotor excitement and other forms of over-excitement is legendary.  Harlequin is one of the strains that can contain effective amounts of THC and is still strong due to its highly relaxing properties against many types of seizures. The parentage of Harlequin is what makes it so unique. It is bred with Colombian Gold, Thai Sativa, Nepalese Indica and Swiss Sativa. It has genetics from all over the world, with the aim of improving its therapeutic profile, an objective that’s clearly achieved.

Originally the breeder intended using Harlequin for making hash but this strain has become very popular with medical users. It’s the perfect strain for people who suffer from chronic pain and epilepsy.

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Appearance, Taste, and Aroma of Harlequin Marijuana Strain

The taste of Harlequin is somehow reminiscent of ACDC, which is earthy, sweet and herbal and a touch of spice to it makes it more pleasing to consumers. In addition, the aroma of the strain is similar to its sweet, earthy, citrusy flavor and corresponds to the smell of a ripe mango of hot summers.

Rolling down to the appearance of the Harlequin, it is a thick-looking strain with solid wraps that cover it and are decked up massively with trichromatic. Besides, leaves are medium green with pistils that may vary from shade from orange to vivid red. When they are restored with precision, the buds smell of musk with touches of tropical fruits underneath.

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Flowering Time: Growing Tips

How to grow the harlequin marijuana strain?

By now, you should have enough knowledge of the Harlequin marijuana strain, but the next question you can ask is how to grow this herb? What circumstances does it demand? And what is the duration?

To clear all your ambiguities. Rich in CBD, this herb is a blend when crossing a Thai Sativa, a Swiss breed and Colombian gold. It is convenient to grow, as it is suitable for beginners and experienced cultivators. It can be planted indoor and it could take about eight weeks.

On the other hand, you can notice sizes of the delicate flower within a short period of 2 weeks. Another unique characteristic is bud can from time to time get tremendously buried by trichomes to the extent that buds seem like the dusting of the frosting.

It is a warm temperature plant suitable for a scale of 72-85 degrees Fahrenheit. It consists of the ability to withstand high humidity; The key to getting the most out of this plant is to maintain the air flow. Here it is essential to ensure that the Harlequin plant gets full access to all the nutrition in the soil and oxygen during the flowering stage for maximum benefit to the grower.


Growing tips

It is said that growing weeds from harlequin seed and cuttings is a fairly easy task. This plant grows well in a warm and controlled environment. This plant is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, but it is important to regulate the humidity to ensure the desired results. The airflow should also be maintained. You may need to trim to ensure adequate lighting and airflow for all the leaves. Harlequin will produce a thick trichome layer rich in THC and CBD.

  • Indoor, growers of this thin medical strain can expect these plants to flourish in approximately eight weeks. Early cultivation ensures highest CBD levels. This plant will produce approximately 25 ounces of elegant weeds per square meter.
  • Outdoors, The ideal outdoor climate is warm but not hot, with humidity at around 50%. Indoors, hydroponics and soil growth can work well. However, hydroponics can be harder to control and regulate in outdoor humidity. Therefore, the soil is a less maintenance option. The harlequin should be grown in a warm environment, with adequate levels of sunlight and moisture. These plants will produce around 21 ounces per plant outdoors.

The plant is naturally resistant to pests, apart from the possible dusty mildew or powdery mildew that may arise due to the dense structure of the buds. Check the plants for these two problems regularly, but the Harlequin, in general, seems to be a brilliant option for growers of all skill levels who want a greater strain of cannabis with CBD.

Medical Use and Benefits

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Great choice for new smokers

A strain like this could be considered a great choice for a new smoker or just about any person who wants to take advantage of the cannabis healing properties but doesn’t want the extreme high associated with high THC strains.

This strain is perfect for people who get THC toxicity which causes a number of problems for a first time user. These problems include dizziness, vomiting and may even cause paranoia or a panic attack. The high CBD levels in the Harlequin strain can prevent these symptoms from occurring. In a way, it neutralizes cannabis THC toxicity.


Benefits of Harlequin marijuana strain

Therapeutic harlequin cannabis has a THC level of up to 15 percent. It also has CBD levels that reach 15%. This one-two punch makes Harlequin the ideal therapeutic strain. The following below are some of the benefits of Harlequin marijuana strain:


  • Help treat epilepsy:

Harlequin may be valuable in some types of epilepsy that react well to treatment with CBD. In young types of epilepsy, weed strains that contain close to zero THC are used regularly. Nevertheless, adults may need a strain of some THC to treat epilepsy types and the resulting agonies and dysphoria.


  • Help treat musculoskeletal pain

In spite of the fact that THC levels are not high, 15 percent THC is sufficiently high to give proficient help with discomfort without the symptoms of tension. Harlequin is a Sativa and accordingly will invigoratingly affect the mind. Agony signals of disorders such as back pain, sciatica, neck pain, wrist pain, bear pain, foot pain, and various types of muscle pain and seizures are hindered by the pain-killing capacity of Harlequin Restorative Cannabis.


  • Help treat manifestation related to ADD and ADHD

Harlequin marijuana can also treat symptoms related to ADD and ADHD. The psychomotor agitation that occurs in these diseases may be susceptible to attenuation due to the relaxing effects of cannabidiol. At the same time, the lack of concentration can be improved by the effects of Sativa genetics and THC, which have the ability to stimulate and improve focus.


  • Help treat anxiety and depression

The ability of the high levels of Harlequin CBD to reduce inflammation may help combat depression shown in some studies that are caused by autoimmunity and inflammation in the brain, intestine, and nervous system.  At the same time, Sativa effects can address the symptoms of lethargy and lack of motivation.


  • Help treat nausea

It may be the perfect way to combat nausea, as it does not have the side effects of lethargy or couchlock, nor anxiety or paranoia. Nausea can be a result of treatments for cancer like chemotherapy and radiation.  Harlequin marijuana strain can treat this nausea without causing harsh side effects.


  • Help improve appetite as well

Many patients with attrition conditions such as cancer or HIV find it difficult to eat.  Harlequin marijuana strain can improve appetite without the side effects of other marijuana strains.  It will not cause a high that is too intense. The feeling is rather smooth and pleasant. You will still have all of your talents and abilities while using this strain.

Harlequin marijuana strain is a Sativa that will relax you, which implies it gives both physical unwinding and mental incitement. Harlequin marijuana strain relaxes the body and strengthens the mind, motivating you to complete things and to lead the psyche to innovative thinking and activity.

Harlequin can be an incredible complement to exercises with loved ones in which you need to mingle and spend an extraordinary time. You will not be too high to participate in exercises that require reflection or coordination. You will be upbeat and agony free, and in the meantime, motivated to make and develop. Harlequin marijuana strain is an incredible ‘complete things’ strain for dynamic people. It is a strain of high quality that will bring many positive results.

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