Marijuana Seedling Stage

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Cannabis Seedling Stage (Week 3-4)

How to Grow Cannabis During Seedling Stage ( Video Version )

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How to Grow Cannabis During Seedling Stage (Written Version)

Cannabis Seedling Grow Guide - Learn Sativa

What You Need During Seedling Stage

  1. T5 Lighting System
  2. Humidity Dome
  3. Seedling Heating Pad
  4. Humidity/Temperature Sensor
  5. Spray Bottle
  6. 8oz Containers
  7. Watering Pot
  8. Soil (Fox Farm Ocean Forrest)

Instructions for Germinating Marijuana

  1. Put together your humidity dome system. (View video above for more instructions)

  2. Place 8oz pots with seedlings inside your humidity dome.

  3. Set humidity to 70% by closing ports on your dome.

  4. Set temperature to 68-77°F. (Use seedling heating pad for cooler enviroments)

  5. Monitor temperature and humidity closely.

  6. Turn T-5 lights on for 18 hours and off 6 hours using your digital timer.

  7. Continue to water your seedlings daily, just as the lights turn on. (Note: ensure your potting containers have proper drainage at the bottom to prevent mold or mildew)

Enviromental Conditions for Seedlings

NOTE: If you maintain the following enviromental controls while growing weed, you will have a rather successful grow – that’s not to say you will have cannabis cup quality bud. But, fear not! That’s why we teach hands-on and online advanced growing courses at our cannabis college (Learn Sativa University) – however, we all must crawl before we walk, right?

  • PPFD: 200-400 (click here to watch grow light video)

  • Color Spectrum: 6500 K (Cool Blue) 

  • Humidity level: 70% for the first week, then begin to bring down gradually to 55%

  • Temperature: 68-77°F

  • Lighting: 18 on, 6 off

  • Water (keep soil moist, not soaked) 

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Grow Tip: How to Setup Grow Tent & How to Setup Grow Lighting (Week 4)

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