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Over 2,500 Starving Children Each Month

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Learn Sativa University is more than just a “Cannabis College”.

We are a movement that demonstrates to the world that cannabis can affect ALL walks of life and help those who otherwise would have no where else to look for help.

Why we chose No Kid Hungry. 

Starving children hold a near spot to the founder of Learn Sativa’s heart. As he once was one of those children that would go to school without a meal and realized early on it’s very difficult to focus on your education when your stomach is growling.

Read the following 6 startling facts about starving children in America.

6 Startling Facts on Starving Children in America

#1 16 million American kids struggle with hunger each year.

#2 62% of teachers say children in their classrooms are coming to school hungry.

#3 Children facing hunger are twice as likely to repeat a grade in elementary school. 

#4 Nearly half of all food stamp recipients are children.

#5 20% of food-insecure families are not eligible for government assistance.

#6 Black and Latino children experience hunger at double the rate of white children.

If you truly love cannabis & helping people in need, join the family and let’s create change for the cannabis industry, together.


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