Business Consulting with Patrick O’Brien






Patrick is an American Veteran that went from living in a storage unit to becoming a Millionaire when he created the largest MMJ College in the world near Orlando, Florida. He has consulted, trained, and partnered with thousands of businesses across the world – brick & mortar, licensing, education, cultivation, logistics, SAAS, compliance, and e-commerce. During his journey he mastered some of the most invaluable skills known to mankind – sales, marketing, & helping people. He is now on a mission to share his step-by-step formula to success with as many willing to learn.


Things Patrick will Help with:

  • Step-by-Step Guides
  • Cost and Budget Analysis
  • Profit/Loss Projections
  • Market Research
  • Operations Overview
  • Facility Design
  • Security Plans
  • & Much More…

Here’s A Few Business Models We Can Help You With…

  • Cannabis Cultivation
  • Hemp Cultivation
  • Cannabis Consultants
  • Cannabis Realtors
  • Cannabis Bloggers
  • Head/Smoke Shops
  • Security Company & Armed Guard Services
  • Chefs & Catering Services
  • Cannabis Event Planner
  • Cannabis friendly AirBNB, hotel, hostel, or bed and breakfast
  • Cannabis farm & dispensary tours (think wine tasting tours, with bud)
  • Import, Manufacture, and/or sell growing equipment – lights, timers, irrigation systems. (Imagine being the person that sells McDonalds their straws.)
  • Special Services like Accounting, Legal Counsel, etc.
  • Sell soil mixed specifically for cannabis & hemp cultivation
  • Produce organic fertilizers for cannabis & hemp cultivation
  • Manufacture or sell cannabis extraction equipment
  • Create a team to provide hand trimmed cannabis services
  • Manufacture hemp based consumer products like plastics, fabrics, etc
  • Offer logistics services to wholesalers & farms
  • Offer retail delivery services
  • Produce and sell seeds & clones
  • Manufacture hydroponics & aeroponics
  • Create cannabis-focused podcasts or video content
  • Offer public relations, advertising, marketing, SEO services
  • Run & organize cannabis friendly activity centers offering different classes – like yoga, painting, mediation, singing, sculpting, etc.
  • Make and sell cannabis bouquets
  • Design packaging
  • Build greenhouses or indoor cultivation facilities
  • Take pictures, and or record cannabis events
  • Help with recruiting or staffing cannabis businesses
  • Offer licensed caregiver services

Meeting Options:

  • In-Person at Patrick’s 5 acre farm
  • Virtual Meeting via Zoom
  • Over the Phone