Cannabis Tinctures: Surprising Facts

cannabis tinctures

Cannabis tinctures have become very popular over the past few years.

Boasting a myriad of medicinal benefits, cannabis tinctures are a good staple to have in your medicine cabinet.

There are many ways to make your own DIY tincture. 

Most at-home applications use alcohol and cannabis plant material. Manufacturers often make their tinctures in a carrier oil. There are two main kinds of cannabis tinctures: oil-based, and alcohol-based. 

They are traditionally taken orally or sublingually (under the tongue) or added to different beverages and foods. 

Tinctures are great methods of delivery for those looking for all the medicinal benefits cannabis has to offer.

While many people may be aware of other healthy ways to consume cannabis, tinctures have a surprising amount of benefits.

They provide a quick and efficient way to intake your medicine without requiring much effort.

Tinctures are nothing new though, as they have a history that goes back thousands of years.

Here are 9 facts about cannabis tinctures that can help you learn more about healthier ways to intake cannabis.

cannabis tinctures

#1.) Tinctures have been used for centuries

Did you know that tinctures were used as the primary form for pain relief before aspirin was invented? 

Actually, cannabis tinctures were quite popular prior to the cannabis prohibition.

The U.S. Pharmacopeia had lists cannabis-infused extracts, also known as tinctures, as a means for treating a variety of conditions such as: tetanus (gout), tonsillitis, alcoholism, and menstrual cramps. 

Patented cannabis extracts were actually sold as over-the-counter prescriptions in the early twenty-first century.

#2.) Tinctures provide dosage control

As previously mentioned, cannabis tinctures are usually ingested by placing a few drops under your tongue. 

This method is ideal for anyone who needs a quick dosage. The infusion goes straight to the bloodstream and is absorbed immediately.

Dosing becomes fairly easy thanks to this method of consumption. 

It’s as simple as applying a few drops of the extract, sitting back, and allowing it to take effect. Additional drops can be added periodically to provide a boost if necessary.

We recommend taking it slow at first. With only a couple drops to start and then you can slowly increase the dosage over time.


#3.) Cannabis tinctures can be made in a variety of different ways 

As we mention above, a tincture is an oil that contains alcohol or oil as the solvent. 

You can also make cannabis tinctures with MCT oil or glycerin, or even olive oil (these are all still technically considered elixirs or infusions).

There is some disagreement within the cannabis community about which type of solvent to use for tinctures. 

Though olive oil is actually an excellent choice for longer shelf life and is an overall healthier option.

Cannabis oil tincture set

#4.) Tinctures can be useful for a wide range of ailments and utilize various different cannabinoids

What do you use your tincture for? 

Chances are you’re addressing a specific condition or ailment. 

Perhaps you may use your tincture as a preventative health measure or just simply for inebriation. 

One of the greatest assets of cannabis legalization is the ability to allow access to all sorts of different variations of tinctures. 

Including both non-psychoactive and psychoactive varieties.

If you prefer THC-dominant tinctures or less potent CBD tinctures, they are available for your selection. 

You can even find tinctures with the acidic cannabinoids THCA and CBDA.

Note that each distinct tinctures are different in their benefits and uses.

#5.) Tinctures are great for topical applications

Most cannabis topicals contain lots of fillers and a fairly low amount of cannabinoids. 

But that is not true for tinctures. 

Tinctures actually make for wonderful topicals.

According to anecdotal accounts, bruising and sprains respond to tinctures composed of the acidic cannabinoids, THCA and CBDA. People also use THCA to help treat sunburns or other skin irritations.

Others also report positive results using acidic cannabinoid tinctures for daily facial care or other skin conditions such as psoriasis.

#6.) Using tinctures are an inconspicuous form of ingesting cannabis

Are you concerned about the stigma of taking a cannabis product and want to be discreet about it? 

Cannabis tinctures are a low-key, and simple way to take your medicine. 

Aside from not being easily visible, tinctures also do not produce a heavy odor unlike most other means of cannabis intake such as smoking a pipe, or a joint.

It’s a stress-free and discreet way to enjoy cannabinoids regardless of where you are.

You can easily take your tincture on the go as they don’t have a strong scent. Simply place a few drops under your tongue and you are good to go.

Also, you can place your tincture solution inside gel capsules.

This is what most patients do when the dropper doesn’t work. Although, this changes the way your body absorbs the medicine and the effects will not be as immediate.

Cannabis tincture bottle placement

#7.) Tinctures have a low calorie intake

Cannabis desserts are delicious if you enjoy edibles.

If you are concerned with your calorie intake, however, these are not the best option. 

A brownie made from cannabis-infused chocolate can have up to 150 calories alone. 

So if you’re looking for a low-calorie alternative to edibles, then tinctures may be the right choice for you. 

#8.) Tinctures are a great means of cannabinoid and terpene absorption

It is easier to get the medicine into your bloodstream when you sublingually take your tinctures, rather than ingesting it. 

The effects are usually felt within 15 minutes or so and last between two to three hours. A well-made tincture will give you a more effective cannabinoid/terpene absorption than any other method of consumption.

You should be aware that results vary depending on a variety of factors. 

Furthermore, this includes the dosage, taking other medications or inebriants, and eating prior to intake. 

Before using, ensure that you check the strength of your product. Remember to start small with just a few drops, then work your way up.

#9.) Tinctures and proper storage

Did you know that strong amounts of light and heat exposure can cause cannabinoids to deteriorate? 

Thus, tinctures need to be kept cool in an airtight dark glass container. 

When storing your tincture, be sure to avoid using any sort of plastic containers.

Will you start using Cannabis Tinctures? Let us know in the comments!

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