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CBD Drug Interactions

Certain drugs can and will interact poorly with Cannabidiol. these typically include drugs that are metabolized by enzymes called CYP450 and potentially interact with CBD. There are reports from Indiana University Dept of Medicine that claim the following drugs use the previously mentioned CYP450 enyzmes. These medications include:

HIV antivirals ᛫ Immune modulators ᛫ Benzodiazepines ᛫ Steroids ᛫ Anti-epileptics ᛫ Beta blockers ᛫ PPIs ᛫ Antidepressants ᛫ NSAIDs ᛫ Angiotensin II blockers ᛫ Oral hypoglycemic agents ᛫ Sulfonylureas ᛫ HMG CoA reductase inhibitors ᛫ Calcium channel blockers ᛫ Antihistamines ᛫ Prokinetics ᛫ Anti-arrythmics ᛫ Antibiotics ᛫ Anesthetics ᛫ Anti-psychotics 

Important: Medications that interact with CBD are NOT limited to the drugs listed above. Please consult with your doctor or a Medical Professional before taking CBD.

How to Ask Your Doctor About CBD

Anytime you feel uncomfortable about asking your doctor whether or not you should take CBD, try using the word “Grapefruit” as a substitute.

CBD works like grapefruit in regards to its chemical profile when mixed with other medications, only more powerful.

A majority of doctors are not familiar with the reactions CBD may cause with your medications, hence it’s best to play it safe and see whether or not grapefruits interact poorly with your medication.

Summary: If your doctor says eating grapefruits will not affect you while taking your medication, you should be in the clear to use CBD. 

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