Death Star Strain (Buy Online) | Side Effects, Grow Tips & More

Death Star Strain (Buy Online) | Side Effects, Grow Tips & More

This strain was developed by ‘Team Death Star’. It was made around the year 2000 in Ohio, but only gained popularity in 2004. It spread in the Midwest, and finally, the Death Star appeared on the East Coast. It appeared in the High Times in 2010 and is known for its indica-dominant hybrid effects, which are very effective and great for medical marijuana users. This strain should NOT be mistaken for Death Star OG, Death Star Kush or Dark Star.

Deathstar is an indica medical marijuana strain that is made up of the cross genetics of Sour Diesel and Sensi Star. As the offspring of two of the most prominent medical marijuana strains on the market, Deathstar is certainly a force to be reckoned with. By boasting a name that is a mixture of both of its parents, this is a medical marijuana strain that could easily have you up in outer space somewhere near where the Deathstar would’ve been. Remember folks, it was in fact blown up in Star Wars. Taste, smell and high are all of the highest quality and have long been regarded as a patient’s go-to choice. Patients must make note of this strain’s high potency level.

Effects of Death Star Marijuana Strain

This star of a strain is very potent, just as it is known. Newbies should approach this slowly because a little really goes a long way. The Death Star ensures a guaranteed perfect head and body high, which triggers your inner nerd.

Death Star can make you feel body-heavy, relaxing you infinitely. This strain will have you feeling euphoric and happy like you have been swept up into the universe by a rocket and are never coming down again.

Happy (70%) 70%
Uplifted (60%) 60%
Relaxed (100%) 100%
Euphoric (90%) 90%
Energetic (40%) 40%

History and Origin Of Death Star Marijuana Strain


  • Sour diesel 

Sour D or Sour Diesel is a worldwide known strain. From the coffee shops in Amsterdam to the dispensaries in the US, you will find this strain basically anywhere. It has a diesel aroma, which it almost always passes onto its relatives. Death Star is no difference, although it’s not as strong smelling as something like New York City Diesel.


  • Sensi star

Sensi Star is a Dutch strain. It was created by Paradise Seeds, which is a little strange as it contains the word Sensi. It’s not actually created by Sensi Seeds, as you may expect. However, the strain itself is a very heavy indica which is covered in crystals and has a nice smoke.

Death Star is a highly dominant Indica hybrid manufactured in Ohio in the early 2000s. It is a cross between two notorious strain one from Amsterdam called Sensi Star, a strain that is completely covered in crystals. Its other relative, Sour Diesel, is amongst the most famous strains in the world. Its name is, of course, a reference to the intergalactic space weapon in Star Wars. The connection?  The buds look slightly silvery because of all the crystals it’s covered with and may resemble the death star glimmering in the sky. Or, maybe due to her sedative effects, she is the last thing you will see like the infamous Dark Side ship.

This strain is potent, as mentioned before. The average indica is around 12%, whereas this strain can be a whopping 26%. However, most death stars will grow by around 20% THC. This is a fairly solid number, and it definitely has potent indica-dominant effects. The Death Star removes all worries and replaces them with a state of relaxed euphoria. However, expect a heavy, dry mouth when you feel the full effect.

Being indica-dominant, the body high is powerful, making it a strong medication for those dealing with chronic pain, stress, anxiety, and trouble sleeping. It’s also helpful in relieving PMS symptoms and cramping.

The Nuggets and leaves of Death Star are frosty-looking, buried in thick, sticky resins and hairy trichomes. Leaves are a bright light-green, giving off the look and smell of strong health, freshness, and pest resistance. The taste is dominantly diesel with a slight citrus kick. The sweetness varies somewhat, coming in waves. If you’re a big diesel fan, you’ll really love Death Star and the dark side of the force.

Death Star was popularized in 2004 in Ohio by Team Death Star. Indoor growing time for Death Star is nine to 14 weeks and will harvest about 14 ounces per square meter. It grows best outdoors in a sunny, warm climate. It will be ready for a mid-October harvest. Expect an outdoor yield of about 12 ounces per plant — a relatively small yield, but what is lost in yield is made up in exceptional quality. And a bonus is Death Star shows very high resistance to most common diseases, molds, mildews, and X-wing fighters. 


More information on Death Star Marijuana Strain

It’s not surprising that Death Star strain has seen a meteoric rise in popularity lately. With the release of the new Star Wars movie, fans across the galaxy are hopping in their speeders to the nearest Cantina (ahem, dispensary) to try a taste of this Ohio native.

Death Star lives up to its hype. Even though it’s considered an indica-dominant, this strain fuses the legendary sativa Sour Diesel with the lesser-known indica Sensi Star, bringing out the best of both Sativa and indica in its devastating effects.

Get ready to feel the Force awaken when you smoke Death Star strain. Or is it more accurate to say that Death Star will burn you?

Death Star is a “slow-creeper,” meaning it takes a few minutes for the intense effects of the high to kick in. But when they do, you’ll feel like your own Jedi, a master of your mind and body. But beware the Dark Side! Death Star’s mind-and-body numbing effects can lead to couch lock and sleepiness. But that is exactly what makes this strain a powerful medicine for treating insomnia, anxiety, restlessness. This strain makes a fantastic sleeping-aid and is ideal for nighttime use.

The high CBD content of Sensi Star, coupled with the heightened THC of Sour Diesel, also makes it an excellent strain for dealing with nausea and chronic pain. For cannabis smokers who crave intense, earthy and pungent flavors –– the Death Star delivers like no other strain can.

The smells and aromas of Death Star linger long after the last buds have been smoked, filling the air with that diesel, skunky smell. Even breaking up the buds will stink up the room with unmistakable Death Star musk. So make sure to take precautions if discretion is a must.

While there’s no mistaking the Death Star in the movies, you might not know you’ve come across some of this strain at first sight. Death Star can take on two looks. Either dark orange hairs on dark green leaves or bright, green leaves with darker green accents.

They all, however, sport the same vibrant, amber trichomes. The taste is dominantly diesel with a slight citrus kick. The sweetness varies a bit, coming in waves, and is strongest during that first hit. Just be careful with the Death Star, be sure not to destroy any planets with it!

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Appearance, Taste, and Aroma of Death Star Marijuana Strain


Death Star is a short plant with broad leaves. The leaves and nuggets of Death Star are frosty-looking, buried in thick, sticky resins and hairy trichomes.  Leaves are a bright light-green, giving off a look and scent of strong health, freshness, and pest resistance.


This bud is very fragrant and pleasant. Death Star smells pungent, preparing you for what’s to come. Its potency is obvious in its aroma – you will feel enticed by the sweet and earthy scent, mixed with a distinct skunkiness and a lingering note of diesel.


Death Star’s taste is hinted upon by its very prominent aroma. The sticky diesel flavor will stick to your tongue when you inhale, and its smoke tastes creamy and earthy mixed with some citrus. This strain has hints of a pungent sweet and skunky flavor to it that is hard to miss.

The Effects of Death Star Marijuana Strain

Often this strain can make you feel sleepy too, which is great for when you are done with a long day at work and need something to make you relax. Death Star will make you feel uplifted at the same time, leaving your worries behind and preparing you for a long deserved restful and relaxing night of blissful sleep.

Death Star is fairly easy on its adverse effects, but it is a very potent bud and should be handled accordingly. When consumed in the appropriate doses, this strain is smooth and produces very minor side effects. A sense of dry mouth and dry eyes can be present when smoking Death Star, and a lingering feeling of being dehydrated will make you want to reach for the liquids to stay hydrated. Sometimes, you may feel a little dizzy, due to this strain’s high THC and CBD levels.

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Flowering Time: Growing Tips

Growing tips for Death Star Marijuana Strain

Death Star is surprisingly easy to cultivate, which is another reason why it has become loved and frequented among growers. This strain is highly resistant to any common molds and mildew and isn’t very popular among pests and parasite. Indoors, the Death Star plants bloom in 8-9 weeks. Growers can expect a harvest of 14 ounces per meter squared. Outdoors, in a warm sunny climate, Death Star will be ready for harvest from early to mid-October.  Yield will be about 12 ounces per plant. This may be a relatively small yield, but what is lost in yield is made up in exceptional quality.

Death Star will hit its highest THC concentrations when grown in soil with organic nutrients. Grow indoor and train the plant patiently as the Sour Diesel Sativa qualities make Death Star stand out. This strain is suitable for the SCROG (screen of green) method, as the buds grow dense and small. It grows best between 68-80 °F. Keep moisture and humidity low as the tightly packed nuggets are susceptible to rot due to excess moisture. Get the soil healthy and strong before planting by adding worm castings, chicken manure, perlite, and watering with compost tea.


Overview of the flowering time


  • Indoors
    This hybrid can be grown in many different settings, but when grown indoors, it usually takes an average of around 8 to 9 weeks to flower and be ready for harvest. An indoor yield for this plant can be estimated at around 14 ounces per square meter.


  • Outdoors
    When cultivated outdoors, Death Star can yield around an estimated 12 ounces per plant. This strain grows shorts and is usually available for harvest around early to the middle of October. It prefers a sheltered yet sunny outdoor climate to truly flourish in.

Medical Use and Benefits

9 Pound Hammer Health Benefits - Learn Sativa University

Health Benefits of Death Star Marijuana Strain

Death Star weed has a high THC content of 18% to 27%. The CBD level is low, as is typical for a strong recovery and medical indica.

Death Star is very popular for treating stress.  Individuals with anxiety and mood issues often find Death Star beneficial for its calming effects.  Negative emotions disappear inexplicably as the effects of the Death Star take hold.

Those struggling with chronic pain can benefit from Death Star as it is a powerful remedy for diseases such as headaches, lower back pain, shingles, muscle spasms and pain, and conditions such as CFS and fibromyalgia.  Chronic pain ills are greatly attenuated by the physically relaxing and mentally uplifting effects of Death Star.

Death Star, if used over several hours or late at night, will begin to have a sedative effect, making this strain of bud a great remedy for insomnia. The Death Star high will lull you to sleep as if it’s carrying you through outer space.

Death Star also has strong anti-nausea properties for those with conditions which cause nausea or treatments that have nausea as a side effect.  For those whose conditions cause loss of appetite, Death Star is an excellent choice. Death Star has been known to greatly improve appetite.

Overview of the benefits of Death Star Marijuana Strain

This strain hits primarily like an Indica, making it an excellent choice for medical marijuana patients you’re hoping to wind down in the evening.

  • The sedative effects of this cannabis strain may be beneficial for those with insomnia,  muscle tension, anxiety and pain that disrupts sleep. 
  • Flowers of this plant produce a euphoric elevation that may be helpful for patients with mental health ailments, such as depression, chronic stress, and post-traumatic stress disorder. 
  • This marijuana strain is known for its ability to relieve headaches and increase appetite.

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