Lux to PAR Calculator

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If you need to get a Lux reading on your light, we suggest the following meter below:

Why you ask? Because it’s cheap and relatively accurate. LED PAR meters can cost you anywhere in the ballpark of $500+. If you get a Lux meter, you can simply convert the reading below using our free Lux to PAR/PPFD/umol calculator. 

Choose your light spectrum by matching the readings below:

You can get this information from your light manufacturer. Check the manual or website prior to purchasing your light to see if it fits your needs.

Natural Daylight 6500K

Halogen Lamp 3000K

High CRI LED 6500K

High CRI LED 4000K

High CRI LED 3000K

Low CRI LED 6500K

Low CRI LED 3500K

HPS 2000K

CMH 3000K

Fluorescent Lamp 5000K

Monochromatic Red LED 650nm

Monochromatic Blue LED 450nm

Red + Blue LED 450+650 nm

Red + Blue + White LED 450+650nm+3500K