Raw Cannabis: Incorporating It Into A Healthy Diet

raw cannabis

Raw Cannabis: Incorporating It Into A Healthy Diet

Cannabis is a superfood. 

It contains natural vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, just like any other leafy greens or vegetables. Using hemp plant materials in your diet will have all sorts of benefits. 

Did you know that raw cannabis can improve immune function, bone density, and better communication between nerve cells?

Additionally, raw cannabis is also known to be a powerful anti-inflammatory as well.

Cannabinoids are medicinally active compounds present in cannabis plants.

The most common of these compounds is THCA, and CBDA. Also known as acidic cannabinoids. 

Once heated, they convert into THC and CBD respectively. 

Furthermore, there is increasing evidence that both THCA and CBDA have large amounts of health benefits. These are only found in unheated or raw forms of cannabis.

Want to know how you can integrate cannabis into a healthy diet? 

These are 7 ways to incorporate this superfood into your diet.

#1 Raw Cannabis in Salads

One of the healthiest and easiest ways to consume acidic cannabinoids is in your salad. 

You can make a plethora of combinations with fresh produce, depending on the season. 

Additionally, when making raw cannabis salads, it is important to include healthy fats such as avocado and chia seeds. 

This is because the digestive tract can be mildly irritated by raw cannabis. 

While this side effect is a rare occurrence, it is entirely within the realm of possibility. To easily counteract this, simply use a balanced mix of ingredients which include healthy fats. 

Your body will be able to digest cannabis easily in combination with other nutrients like blueberries, carrots, apples, and other healthy foods. This will also help with offsetting the bitter taste of raw cannabis.

Thus, you should also only be consuming freshly cleaned cannabis. 

As it is possible for cannabis to have microbes like salmonella and E.coli in its raw form. 

You can soak your cannabis leaves for at least 5 minutes in cold water to make sure they are clean. 

Additionally you can add apple cider vinegar to your dressing for extra protection. Apple cider vinegar will kill off any harmful bacteria. 

Remember that raw cannabis recipes should always start with clean leaves. 

Furthermore, the dangers of uncleaned cannabis could be ingesting pesticides, chemicals, or other harmful microbes.

#2 Raw Cannabis in Dressings

Salads are an excellent way to add more fresh produce to your diet. And what commonly goes well with salad? 


Salad dressings can make the taste of plain vegetables pop and tantalize our taste buds.

Although, there are some concerns to look out for with certain kinds of dressings. Thousand Island, Ranch, and Caesar dressings are some of the most harmful. 

These unhealthy dressings are full of sodium, fat, sugar, and can lead to unwanted weight gain. 

For perspective, four tablespoons of Caesar Dressing has around 340 calories, 36 grams of fat, and 680 mg of sodium. 

Needless to say, it is definitely not the most healthy choice. 

Making your own dressing at home is your safest bet. That way you’ll be able to have more control over your ingredients. Which can even include raw cannabis.

Furthermore, including raw cannabis in your dressing can actually improve the nutritional content of your dressing. 

Cannabis in its raw form has a strong and a bit of a spicy taste to it so it’s best to be paired with spinach, peppers, or kale. 

You will need to first grind up the cannabis before you can mix it in the dressing. To break down the cannabis plant material, you can use a food processor or a grinder. 

Then blend the mixture with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, raw honey, and salt.

#3 Raw Cannabis in Juices/Smoothies

Another great way to incorporate raw cannabis into your diet is by juicing. 

Juicing has the added benefit of increasing your body’s absorption rate for cannabinoids. 

Dr. William Courtney, a raw cannabis specialist, suggests that we juice approximately 15 leaves daily along with 2 large freshly-ground buds. 

It is recommended to not bother with the stems. This is because of the cystolith hairs that are found within cannabis stems. 

These hard, needle-like hairs are made of calcium carbonates which can cause irritation to the throat if swallowed. 

Moreover, stick to just the buds or leaves.

The highest concentrations of cannabinoids are found in buds, which makes them incredibly beneficial. 

However, a mixture of leaves and buds is the most powerful combination. The easiest way for our bodies absorb the cannabinoids is actually through juicing. 

As with all cannabis infusions, the fresher the better.

In addition, it’s important to remember that juiced cannabis should be consumed throughout the day. 

As our bodies are prone to quickly eliminating juice from our system. Dr. William Courtney suggests taking around 5 doses of 60ml. 

Furthermore, to evenly distribute the fatty acid, Courtney also suggests shaking up the mixture, like you would with most other drinks. 

Shaking the mixture will increase the efficiency of our bodies absorbing the cannabinoids.


#4 Raw Cannabis in Salsas

If you are in a pinch, making a good salsa can be quick and easy. Not to mention that it’s full of vitamins and minerals. 

In fact, it is even better when you add raw cannabis. Some might argue that cannabis salsa tastes even better when you add the right ingredients.

Furthermore, the bitter taste of raw cannabis pairs well with salsa staples such as tomatoes, onions, and cilantro. 

How spicy can raw cannabis get, you might ask? Expect a heat level ranging from table peppers to mild jalapeno peppers at most.

You can also add mangos to the mix to help offset the spicy taste if need be.

#5 Sauces

This is another excellent way to incorporate raw cannabis. 

Sauces made with fresh vegetables are healthier than salsas made otherwise. 

Additionally, cannabis is actually considered a nutritional vegetable. 

A serving of cannabis contains antioxidants, essential amino acids, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, as well as cannabinoids like THCA or CBDA.

You can incorporate raw cannabis into all sorts of different sauces. 

Furthermore, to reap the full benefits of raw cannabis, it is best to consume the sauce at a colder or room temperature. 

All you have to do to incorporate raw cannabis into your sauce is simply grind up some leaves, pour the main sauce mix into a pan, and then toss and stir in the ground up leaves.

Enjoy it with a fresh pesto, tahini, or whatever base of your choice! 

cannabis on a sandwich

#6 Sandwiches

Do you know what’s better than a regular sandwich? 

A cannabis sandwich. 

This combination may seem like an odd one, but once you try it, you might never look at a regular sandwich the same way ever again.

Cannabis fan leaves can act as a substitute for lettuce. You will need to first cut up the leaves. 

However, remember raw cannabis has a bit of a distinctive flavor. 

A bitter taste is expected, similar to arugula. Raw cannabis leaves can be anywhere from mildly spicy to quite spicy.

The strain of cannabis you are using will actually determine the level of spice.

Furthermore, raw cannabis leaves can be used with a variety of ingredients, including but not limited to: tomatoes, cucumbers, olive oil, mushrooms, as well as garlic, vinegar, and basil. 

If you want to get the full effect from absorbing cannabinoid acid, you will need to eat the sandwiches cold. 

The conversion of THCA and CBDA to THC and CBD will be initiated by heat.

#7 Raw Cannabis in Popsicles

Are you looking for something refreshing on a hot day? 

Raw cannabis popsicles are  the perfect treat for a hot day. 

In addition, this is a great method for your body to absorb the cannabinoids in their acidic form. 

Cannabis popsicles are also pretty easy to make too. 

To begin, you will only need a popsicle machine or simply an ice cube tray. 

Mix in ground-up cannabis leaves with water and your choice of fruits or vegetables to make the healthiest variation possible.

Furthermore, if you are trying to reduce your sugar intake, you can skip adding fruit juice. Then simply blend all the ingredients together and leave to freeze overnight.

It is highly important to note that the complexities of the cannabis plant are still being discovered, particularly when it comes down to understanding its raw form. 

In most countries, it is still illegal to possess cannabis. And so it is quite difficult to find fresh, pesticide-free, organic, clean cannabis leaves. 

For some people, it’s next to impossible. In time, this will change though. 

As cannabis education is continuously expanding. Not just in the U.S., but all over the globe. 

It is up to us to spread the word and help instill this change.

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