Dosing Edibles: What You Need To Know

Dosing edibles

Dosing Edibles: What You Need To Know

Smoking cannabis is arguably the most popular and timeless form of ingesting cannabis, however, edibles trail closely behind.

A lot has changed since the days were the only edibles out there were weed brownies.

Nowadays, there are many options for different cannabis edibles .

From candies, to infused beverages, and even 5-star infused dinners, there are many options out there.

We are seeing edibles being made available for a variety of events as well, from yoga classes to weddings, their usage is exponentially skyrocketing.

However, these mind-elevating baked goods can be difficult to properly dose.

This is why we created a guide to help you get started with properly dosing cannabis edibles.

There have been horror stories of people suffering from paranoia, extreme anxiety, nausea, Nd even hallucinations after eating mega-potent cannabis-infused foods. 

This guide will help to ensure this does not happen and make sure your expectations match reality.

dosing edibles

Dosing Edibles: Low-Dosing And ‘Microdosing’

For the most part, it’s no longer necessary to guess what the THC content is when it comes to cannabis edibles. (Unless they are homemade…)

The standard dose is 10mg, but you may want to try a lower dose if you’re just getting started with cannabis edibles. 

Remember the golden rule: “start low and go slow.”

Start off by cutting the 10mg edible into four 2.5mg pieces. 

Wait for your body to feel the effects. Then if you are still left wanting a stronger effect,  eat more. If necessary, you can increase your dose to the standard retail dose of 10mg within a few hours. 

While this dose may seem pretty low, it is important to proceed with caution because edibles hit your system in a different way than smoking. Even at low doses you still may experience unwanted side effects. 

This depends on a number of factors like your metabolism, genetics, weight, if you ate that day, the formulation of the edible, and more.

If you are just beginning to experiment with cannabis edibles, microdosing is a great option. 

You can take 0.5-2mg cannabis-infused edibles, and wait and see how your body reacts. 

The key to proper microdosing involves finding the perfectly balanced dose that fits your needs. Thats why it is always best to start low and go slow because you can properly gauge what works and what doesn’t without overwhelming your system.

The THC and other active compounds in the THC may help improve your mood and attention. If you are taking a CBD edible, while it is not psychoactive, it is still best to start low and go slow to figure out the sweet spot for you specifically.

Dosing Edibles

Dosing Edibles: Ideal Dosage Varies Per Person

Everybody is different, and therefore the effects of cannabis vary from person to person. 

While one person may feel the effects from edibles when they consume 2mgs of THC, another person may require 5 times that amount to achieve the same desired result. 

For those who are just starting to use cannabis edibles, it’s best to start slow and take your time. 

Instructions will typically tell you to wait between 60-90 minutes to feel the effects. Taking edibles is a completely different experience from smoking the plant.

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Dosing Edibles: Taking A Standard Dose

Consider a standard dose as a retail term. It is not a medicinal term by any means.

Although it may vary across markets, the usual dosage of cannabis edibles ranges from: 10mgs, 20mgs, 40mgs, 80mgs, to even 100mgs in some cases. 

Furthermore, the average or ‘standard’ dose for THC edibles is usually anywhere from 10mg up to 15mg. 

At the right dosage, expect to experience feelings such as euphoria or relaxation. If you take too much, you may experience a rapid heartbeat or anxiety and paranoia, so tread carefully.

If those are your desired effects, then a traditional 10mg cannabis edibles dose is the best. 

THC is thought to reduce the electrochemical response of your peripheral pain receptors, which many users report experiencing pain and anxiety relief. 

Although it is possible for first-time users to feel too relaxed or sleepy after taking a standard 10mg edible. So be sure to prepare ahead of time when consuming.

Edible dosing

High Dosage For Those With A Higher Tolerance

Consuming more than 15mg of THC edibles can be considered a higher dose. 

If you consume too much, you may experience adverse side effects. Intense effects are almost guaranteed if you consume between 30mg and 50mgs. 

It is also possible to experience coordination impairment. As we mentioned earlier, overconsumption of cannabis edibles can cause nausea, panic attacks, and an increased heart rate. 

High doses of cannabis edibles should only be taken by those who have a high tolerance or GI systems that are not capable of absorbing cannabinoids regularly. 

For beginners, it is best to avoid taking high doses of THC edibles. The same goes for CBD, even though it is not psychoactive, it can lead to intense drowsiness and relaxation in higher doses.

how to dose edibles

Dosing Edibles: How Long Does It Take To Feel The Effects?

Ingestion of edibles has an onset time of approximately 60-90 minutes and a total duration of around 6-8 hours. 

Peak effects usually take place around the 2 hour mark. 

One common mistake among novice cannabis users is the inability to wait for the full effects to kick in. 

Fairly frequently, they will end up taking a higher dose and experiencing adverse side effects. There is undoubtedly a difference between smoking and eating edibles.

Edibles are much more intense than smoking.

It takes longer for edibles to have any noticeable effects because they must be processed first by your digestive tract. 

After the edible is eaten, your liver transforms delta-9 THC into 11 hydroxy-THC. This gives you a stronger, more psychedelic feeling compared to smoking. 

While the effect is more intense than smoking, it does not cause you to inhale the harmful carcinogens, like smoking would.


Dosing Edible: Tips On How To Handle Overconsumption

Overindulging in edibles is something that can happen to anyone. 

In fact, more often than not, every cannabis consumer will probably have some sort of warning tale in regards to eating edibles. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t exactly an antidote to taking too much THC. While CBD can help, the best advice you can get is to just ride it out. 

There are, however, options to help you get rid of some of the side effects that can be caused by excessive use. 

For those who have eaten too much of the ‘special’ cookies or gummies, keep these tips in mind:

  • Remain calm and remember any uneasy feelings are only temporary.
  • Remember that marijuana can be a psychoactive substance, so maintaining inner mental peace is pivotal 
  • Get plenty of fluids to keep hydrated.
  • Chewing on some fresh peppercorn balls can be used to help reduce anxiety.
  • Lemonade may be able to provide relief thanks to the terpene limonene.
  • THC effects can be dampened down by foods high on sugar and carbs.
  • Find a quiet place to relax and drift off.
Check out this article on how to come down from being too high for a more in depth dive.
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Want To Learn More?

This guide will help educate you on the proper use of cannabis edibles. 

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