Maui Wowie

Maui Wowie is an old strain that continues to exist. This sativa provides an easy, relaxed, and energetic high that’s perfect for the morning. Maui Wowie has been around since the 1960s. Back in the day, this strain was one of the more potent on the market. This optimistic, energizing sativa comes from the island of Maui and has a tropical flavor. This strain is still applauded for its high THC content. Today, Maui Wowie strains can feature anywhere between 20 and 28% of the psychoactive.

Featuring a classic Sativa high, Maui Wowie tends to hit like a strong cup of coffee. It’s not uncommon to feel refreshed, clear-headed, and full of creativity. Recreational consumers may appreciate this sativa for its high-spirited and euphoric effects. Maui Wowie is great for both daytime use and a fun night out on the town. It’s also a good choice for active, outdoor activities.

Medical patients tend to enjoy this strain’s stress relieving and mood-boosting properties. Those who suffer from depression or chronic fatigue report positive effects from Maui Wowie. It’s perfect for morning use and will help those with nausea keep down a good breakfast.

Effects of Maui Wowie Marijuana Strain

Maui Wowie has a very loyal fan base, due to its tropical island atmosphere. This pineapple bud is known as a powerful motivator that allows you to focus on your work while enjoying a unique influx of creativity and inspiration.

This Sativa is a Happy-Go-Lucky variety that puts you in the best possible mood. With Maui Wowie you plunge into a colorful euphoric state and come up with unique and inspired ideas. A burst of energy is almost immediately noticeable, and it will have you smiling for the next few hours.

Happy (100%) 100%
Uplifted (90%) 90%
Relaxed (50%) 50%
Euphoric (85%) 85%
Energetic (70%) 70%

History and Origin of Maui Wowie Marijuana Strain

Maui Wowie was once a legend as a commercial super-strain and is now in the Sativa Hall of Fame with Panama Red and Acapulco Gold. Though an aging strain compared to many of the newer super hybrids, Maui is still a favorite among many growers in Northern California. A strong Sativa strain, use of Maui is generally best for daytime use and often leads to munchies, manic fits of house cleaning or artistic inspiration. Due to his equatorial descent, Maui needs a long dry season to properly ripen outdoors. When harvested early, Maui still produces large crops, but with somewhat less strong flowers. If Maui Wowie is allowed to grow, it produces an abundance of buds in American football size.

In the ’60s and ’70s, most of the cannabis brought from the Sandwich Islands archipelago to the mainland was referred to as Maui Wowie. This makes tracking down the breeders and origin of Maui Wowie a bit difficult to trace. In California, Maui is just a clone strain, and anyone who claims to have seeds is likely to produce plants that are not typical of popular clone genetics. Although it has not been confirmed, it is likely that the popular Northern California version of Maui Wowie originated in the Hawaiian Islands.


More about Maui WowieMarihuana Strain

This beautiful, fragrant sativa from the tropical shores of the Hawaiian Islands is famous for its energetic happiness. Maui Wowie is a powerful stress buster that brings you, along with its fruity-exotic fragrance, directly to an imaginary relaxing beach to relax and enjoy your intoxication.

Originally from the Hawaiian island of Maui, where it originated in a volcanic-pacific climate, Maui Wowie carries the unmistakable pineapple sweetness for which these stunning Pacific Islands are renowned. Maui Wowie was developed from a Hawaiian Sativa, this baby was from the 60s and 70s and is so legendary that it never left.

This is also why it prefers to be cultivated in a similar environment, for it to truly thrive. Maui Wowie brings in the same kind of mood you can expect from any island experience – it boasts of a distinct island flavor, with a light energetic Sativa effect, while being an effective and powerful tranquilizer and mood-elevator.

Maui Wowie is a classic Sativa-dominant strain which boasts sun-kissed tropical flavors and mild, stress-relieving qualities when grown the right way. Maui Wowie is a great sativa that offers sweet and fruity pineapple flavors with an optimistic medicinal effect. Since no one knows the exact genetics of this strain, it’s hard to tell what kind of prizes and awards it has received. Although the exact genetic ancestry of this hybrid strain is unknown, one thing is certain – Maui Wowie has passed the test of time.

The Maui Wowie strain enjoyed such popularity that Hawaii cannabis was arbitrarily referred to as Maui Wowie at some point in time. It was one of the first strain to see a steady increase in its THC. Maui Wowie seeds were then returned to the continental US and their popularity continued to grow. Maui Wowie will relax your body but keep your mind creative, energetic and focused. It will also give you a case of the munchies and prepare you for a huge breakfast, making it an excellent wake and bake strain.

The sativa effects of Maui Wowie relieve stress and anxiety. The strain is ideal for the treatment of chronic depression. The light indica content of this legendary strain also makes it an educated choice for alleviating minor pains. The strain’s tendency to induce the munchies make it a wonderful medicine to increase the appetite in patients struggling with anorexia or other eating disorders.

When smoked, it provides an immediate buzz with some numbing and tingly sensation in the face. The prevalent sativa properties make Maui Waui ideal for daytime use. Some effects include making them feel relaxed as if they’re on a grand vacation. In addition, it is also good for boosting creativity, clarity, and inspiration. It is also good for increasing energy, thus a perfect day time option.

This strain’s mellow, calming effects on the mind and body means that it is a solid choice to make into edibles. Consider saying “Aloha” on your next Luau to Maui Wowie cannabis Sativa-induced foods. Just be sure to let your guests know what they’re ingesting after you greet them and get everyone laid. Bad neckwear jokes aside,

Maui Wowie plants show their long and lanky Sativa heritage when it comes to their size. Due to its Hawaiian heritage, this strain is best grown in a tropical climate outdoors. In areas with colder temperatures, Maui Wowie is less resistant to mold, mildew, disease and other nasty, unwanted things.

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Appearance, Taste, and Aroma of Maui Wowie Marijuana Strain


The Maui Wowie plants are more than 20 cm tall. These plants have beautiful green shoots, thick with white crystals and orange citrus hairs. The colors green, orange, white and light green are particularly alive due to the tropical climate to which the plant has adapted. It is thick with white trichomes and has a delicious tropical smell.


This perfect strain has a flavor that wakes you with just a touch. Maui Wowie smells like a basket of citrus fruits, a sweet and lovely, lingering scent that stays in the air for the rest of the day. This sativa smells very sweet and earthy and is particularly pleasant in all its tropical splendor.


Maui Wowie is also delicious. This mild yellow sativa makes you think of fresh pineapple, a pronounced fruity taste that can only come from a strain that originates from a tropical island. Maui Wowie is reminiscent of citrus fruits and a forest of trees, and its smoke has a nice, creamy tone that covers the inside of your mouth.

The Effect of Maui Wowie marijuana strain

Maui Wowie has also long been the favorite of the crowd because it is very effective to surprise you and make you feel like bouncing, at the same time you relax your mind and submerge yourself in a state of zero worries. It’s like allowing your head to spend an inspiring and motivated holiday with all the benefits you can imagine.

This Hawaiian beauty has a very short list of side effects, which mostly cause a case of cotton mouth, which is often accompanied by the sensation of having dry eyes. Some may feel a slight headache after smoking Maui Wowie, although in most cases this usually just means a mild headache.

Some may experience a slight bout of dizziness, coupled with an occasional feeling of paranoia. Maui Wowie is ultimately smooth and will make you sleepy enough to take a nap.

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Flowering Time: Growing Tips

Tips for growing the Maui Wowie marijuana strain

The growth of weed from cannabis seeds and cuttings from Maui Wowie is considered comparatively easy.  You must follow the laws in your local jurisdiction as to the legality of obtaining seeds or cuttings and growing these plants.  Seeds can often be ordered by mail, where legal. Vendors may also provide you with specific instructions or tips for growing these plants.  Maui Wowie plants are hearty and resilient, due to their adaptation to the volcanic, sunny environment of Hawaii.

To grow this strain indoors, you will have to try your best to recreate the native Hawaiian environment to get the most healthy and delicious plants. You might use a tent with High-Density Discharge lamps, recreating a sunny, tropical environment. You will need to get rich soil and fertilizer (like Flower Power) in order to recreate the rich, volcanic soil this strain has adapted to.  You will need a fan and exhaust system to keep the air crisp and dry to prevent mold and mildew. After about nine weeks, you will induce the plants to flower using your vendor’s preferred lighting schedule.  

Outside you will likewise want to try to grow Maui Wowie plants in an environment as close to its home environment as possible.  You will try to select a place which can mimic a sunny, hot, tropical climate, with rich, possibly volcanic soil. These plants bloom in mid-October. They can deliver up to 16 ounces per plant of sweet, fruity, tropical weed.

Overview of the flowering period


  • Indoors
    Maui Wowie takes an average of 9 weeks to stop flowering and be ready to harvest. It is expected that this smooth sativa will yield approximately 14 ounces per square meter of fresh-smelling and taste buds.


  • Outdoor
    When cultivating outdoors, consider cultivating Maui Wowie in nutritious, even volcanic soils. This pretty plant should be ready for harvest around early to mid-October and is expected to deliver an average of about 16 ounces per plant.

Medical Use and Benefits

9 Pound Hammer Health Benefits - Learn Sativa University

Health Benefits of Maui Wowie Marijuana Strain

Maui Wowie is a popular medicinal strain that is prescribed for its numerous relaxing properties. This sativa is an easy smoke for even occasional workers and isn’t overwhelming in any way. Patients who need help combating stress, love this sativa because it makes them feel like they’re at peace and ready to unwind.

It is also undoubtedly effective in the fight against depression, and other anxieties. Maui Wowie is effective even for those suffering from other mental health issues, reducing panic attacks in those who are affected by PTSD and instilling focus in patients of ADD/ADHD.

For patients who are struggling to cope with symptoms of fatigue, Maui Wowie could be the answer to all their prayers. People who suffer pain can also find much relief in the regular use of this sativa, even those who suffer from minor aches such as headaches and migraines.

Medical cannabis from Maui Wowie has THC levels of up to 20 percent. This mid-level THC level makes Maui Wowie an effective analgesic for chronic pain. This includes musculoskeletal pain, such as you might encounter in sciatica and other types of back, neck, and shoulder pain.  It can also help with pain due to inflammation, such as in arthritis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Medicinal cannabis Maui Wowie can be used for conditions such as :

  • HIV / AIDS-related waste
  • Intractable pain
  • Unstoppable nausea
  • Strong muscle spasms
  • Spasticity
  • Seizures and epilepsy
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Migraine
  • Chronic pain
  • Cachexia
  • Tourette syndrome
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Cancer 
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Severe arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Alzheimer’s disease

This strains Sativa effects offer medical marijuana patients relief and management of a number of conditions including those mentioned above.

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