How to Germinate Marijuana Seeds

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Cannabis Germination Stage (Week 1-2)

How to Germinate Weed Seeds ( Video Version )

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How to Germinate Seeds (Written Version)

Germination Weed Seed - Grow Guide - Learn Sativa

Inventory for Germinating Marijuana

  1. Seeds
  2. Glass Jar
  3. PH Balanced Water (7.0) Room Temp
  4. Paper Towel (unscented, unbleached)
  5. Large Ceramic Plate
  6. Spray Bottle
  7. Root Riot or Rockwool

Instructions for Germinating Marijuana Seeds

  1. Pick your seed…

  2. Fill glass jar with PH balanced water at room temperature.

  3. Place Seeds in PH Balanced Water

  4. Notice how the seeds float on top of the water…

  5. Place glass jar in a dark place, preferably room temperature place.

  6. Every 2 hours for 18 hours – Tap seeds to the point of submersion


  1. Place a sheet of paper towel on your large ceramic plate.
  2. Carefully pour glass jar contents directly onto paper towel…
  3. Spread out seeds on paper towel…
  4. Carefully fold the paper towel over…
  5. Place in dark, humid place (3-4 days)
  6. Keep paper towel moist, but not soaked…
  7. Periodically unfold your paper towel and check for signs of the “Taproot”…
  8. Place seedling ½” deep in 8oz soil pot

    (tap root facing down!)

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Grow Tip: How to Transplant Marijuana (Week 4-5)

  • Vegetation (Week 4-8)
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Grow Tip: How to Setup Grow Tent & How to Setup Grow Lighting (Week 4)

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